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Teresa Arpin

President, Transformation Systems; consultant in leadership, governance, strategic planning and organizational transformation.

Full Bio

TERESA ARPIN is the President of Transformation Systems, working with educational organizations both nationally and internationally since 1996. She specializes in leadership development, governance, strategic planning and organizational transformation.

Dr Arpin has worked with boards of trustees, schools and school districts large and small across the US and internationally, including China, Poland, France, Czech Republic, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Turkey, and the UAE. She has collaborated with the NESA Board for many years in the evolution of a strategic planning approach that is now being modeled in several international schools and other regional associations.

Dr Arpin is the 2013 recipient of NESA’s Finis Engleman Award, the organization’s highest honor, recognizing “outstanding dedication and service to schools in the NESA region”. She is also certified by Newfield Network, an international program for the development of ontological coaches.

Ronald Lalonde

Founder & CEO of Riverspath Coaching and Consulting; former Middle School Principal at the American School of Dubai, UAE.

Full Bio

RONALD LALONDE, the Middle School Principal at the American School of Dubai, has researched and developed applications of positive psychology to middle level education. He continues to seek ways to re-imagine student relationships with schools, and adult attitudes toward adolescents and adolescence.

As a school leader, Dr Lalonde created a successful Instructional Coaching Program and has gone on to explore and promote leadership coaching in international schools. In his 18 years in international education, he has held leadership positions at schools in England, the United Arab Emirates, and Mexico.

Dr Lalonde earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Philosophy from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), and a doctorate from the University of Calgary, where he focused on critical issues in consulting students.

He has taught at the University of British Columbia and served as an adjunct professor for the State University of New York in their Master's Degree Program for international educators. He teaches annually at the Principal's Training Center in Miami and in London, and continues to research student engagement and student voice.

He believes leadership coaching has a critical role in transforming and improving school cultures.

Joint Principals Preconference: Weds, Oct. 18

Finding Simplicity within Complexity - Teresa Arpin & Ron Lalonde

Principals Preconference - Wednesday, October 18
Preconference Fee: $125

As our schools work to live their missions and transform teaching and learning, principals can find themselves in a vortex of complexity. The change processes designed to improve our schools may make sense, but they also have far reaching and sometimes unforeseen impacts on existing structures and relationships.

How do we identify priorities among competing initiatives in trying to leverage system changes? Is there space for innovation while being mindful not to overload our teams? How do we maintain momentum, and, also know when to let go of things?

Our goal is for participants to observe the complexity of their schools from new perspectives, allowing for new ways of operating. This one-day preconference will create a space to reflect together, to learn from one another, and to contribute to an emerging understanding of how to find simplicity and coherence within the complexity of our schools.

Target Audience: Principals, all levels

Prerequisites: In preparation, participants are asked to read The Thin Book of Trust by Charles Feltman (Thin Book Publishing: Bend, Oregon, 2009). Participants will also be asked to complete an online survey to help the facilitators understand questions that are driving your learning.

Outcomes: Participants will. . .

  • Learn how to see broader possibilities for action by questioning underlying judgments and enlisting the support of others.
  • Understand the essential elements of successful commitments so that leaders and their teams can build relationships of greater trust in their schools.
  • Manage school commitments to promote coherence, clarify school identity, and provide rationale for letting go of the non-essential.

Continuum Levels: 3, 4 = Initiating Implementation (setting structures, developing skills, piloting practice, scaffolding support) | Extending Implementation (reflecting, evaluating, modifying practice, improving skills).

NESA's Learning Continuum:

Learn more about how NESA plans Professional Learning

Teresa Arpin Workshop: Thurs, Oct. 19

Measuring What Matters


We know that for our students to be successful, they need to acquire skills and dispositions that are not effectively assessed using standard methods. The skills and dispositions of collaboration, design, and innovation--to name a few--are critical to our students’ success, and they require fundamentally different approaches both to learning and to assessment.

This session will provide an opportunity to grapple with performance assessment as a means to understand how learning is unfolding. You will have the opportunity to create tools, learn from each other and understand the essential elements in powerful performance assessment.

Continuum Levels: 2, 3 = Deepening Understanding (theory-based learning, investigating models, identifying experts) | Initiating Implementation (setting structures, developing skills, piloting practice, scaffolding support)

NESA's Learning Continuum:

Learn more about how NESA plans Professional Learning

Ronald Lalonde Workshop: Sun, Oct. 22

Personal Transformation as the Key to Successful 21st Century Teaching and Learning


So far, the work on the new models of 21st Century learning emphasize technologies, strategies, and structures.

The further change that is needed calls teachers and leaders themselves to engage in processes of transformation that lead them to greater senses of self-authorship. Collaborative structures and practices are empty until we commit to the idea that our work together can positively transform us as individuals.

This same revelation would help students understand what we mean by self-authorship. We need to get beyond looking for the authority that will set up the new conditions for working in the 21st Century and learn to establish it ourselves.

Transformation involves disorientation, disruption, critical reflection, recognizing unhelpful assumptions and taking on new roles. To learn how to do this in a rapidly changing, and thus uncertain, world involves greater self-awareness, practices of mindfulness, and supportive relationships.

Please bring your laptop to the workshop.

Target Audience: School leaders/Principals

Continuum Level: 3 = Initiating Implementation (setting structures, developing skills, piloting practice, scaffolding support)

NESA's Learning Continuum:

Learn more about how NESA plans Professional Learning

TEDxYouth@ASD | Dr. Ronald Lalonde

Handouts/Advance Prep

Save paper and effort where possible!

For your convenience, and to support our efforts in being "green", all handouts/files posted here have been notated with an A, B, C or D indicating the following:

(A) hardcopies needed at workshop
(B) electronic version on laptop is sufficient (for viewing during the workshop)
(C) required reading PRIOR to the workshop
(D) file not needed for workshop itself, but simply material of additional interest/reference

Joint Principals Preconference: Weds, Oct. 18

(A) or (B) Finding Simplicity Within Complexity Workbook

You will be using the workbook throughout the session so you will need either:
  • a hardcopy printout of the workbook or
  • a pdf version of the document and a version of a pdf reader that allows you to annotate documents. (e.g. the free Adobe Acrobat Reader)
(C) The Thin Book of Trust by Charles Feltman (Feltman, Charles, et al. The thin book of trust: an essential primer for building trust at work. Bend, Or., Thin Book Publishing, 2009).

Teresa Arpin Workshop: Thurs, Oct. 19

(B) The Future of Learning: Redefining Readiness from the Inside Out (8MB)

(D) Measuring What Matters

(D) Key Design Principles for Direct Assessments of SEL: Lessons Learned from the First Design Challenge

(D) Global competency for an inclusive world

(D) User Guide: Social-Emotional Learning

(D) Measuring Soft Skills & Life Skills in International Youth Development Programs

(D) Using Student Assessment Engagement as a Measure of Student SEL and School Engagement

(D) Social-Emotional Learning vs. Content Mastery

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