Spring Educators Conference

InterContinental Hotel - Athens, Greece

March 30-April 1, 2018 - InterContinental Hotel, Athens, Greece

The SEC is a three-day conference for educators of all grade levels, subjects and disciplines, featuring keynotes, 4-hour workshops and multi-day offerings presented by specialist speakers, general interest sessions, and teacher-presented workshops.

2-Day AERO preconferences

March 28-29, 2018 - InterContinental Hotel, Athens, Greece

      • AERO Science (NGSS) Workshop (2 days) — CHRIS CHARNITSKI & CAREY JOHNSON
      • AERO Literacy (ELA) Workshop (2 days) — CINDY CUMMINGS & KATRINA THEILMANN
      • AERO Math Workshop (2 days) — ERMA ANDERSON

Specialist Speakers

As of September 1, 2017

Specialist 4-hour Workshops:

      • Learning to Serve – CATHY BERGER-KAYE
      • The Innovator's Mindset – GEORGE COUROS
      • NGSS Inquiry – PAUL ANDERSEN
      • Leveraging Design Thinking Across PK-12 Settings / Contemporary Teaching & Learning Practices – JOHN BURNS
      • Mathematical Discourse, Language and Play (ES/MS) — CHRISTOPHER DANIELSON
      • Collaborative Inquiry Into Data: Learning from Student Work – LAURA LIPTON & LYNN SAWYER
      • Building Teacher Leadership Capacity – FRAN PROLMAN & GAIL SEAY
      • Target, Method, Match: The Power of Learning Targets – KIM ZEIDLER-WATERS
Multi-Day Sessions:
      • Advanced Adaptive Schools Certificate Course (4-Days: March 29-April 1) – CAROL SIMONEAU & JIM ROUSSIN
      • Positive Discipline in the Classroom (3 days: March 30-April 1) - JOY MARCHESE
      • Literacy - Reading, Grades K-2 (3 days: March 30-April 1)
      • Literacy - Reading, Grades 3-8 (3 days: March 30-April 1)
        (The Literacy workshops are planned in coordination with the NESA Literacy Collaborative*)
      • NEW! Administrative Assistants Strand (2-days) — ANGELA GARRY

* NESA Collaboratives have worked with NESA's Professional Development Advisory Committee (PDAC) to plan this year's institutes/workshops. They have identified learning priorities, suggested speakers, and are coordinating with those speakers to tailor their focus to educators' needs.

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