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NESA is a community of schools and organizations that serves educators, students and their families from Cairo in the west to Kathmandu in the east. For 50 years we have provided exemplary professional learning opportunities for educators working in our schools — in service of improved student learning.

NESA’s world-class professional learning program cultivates professional growth and human connection in service of student success.

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The NESA Community generates collective capacity and leadership in order to address the challenges of our time. It is the hub for communications, community engagement and learning.

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NESA fosters community above all else, and I believe that is its competitive edge.
PD is ubiquitous these days, but people are looking for an experience that fills their
hearts as much as their heads. I believe NESA does that.

— Online Leadership Event participant

Living in a region so vast and complex has strengthened professional generosity, emboldened innovation across schools, and firmly established collaboration as the corner-stone of NESA’s success.

NESA Member School Communities of Practice meet monthly on Zoom in LIVE FORUMS to support each other and collaborate on issues related to the new Ed-vironment.




End Date: NNLS Support Series for NESA School Counselors - TRUMAN GROUP
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We are each other’s
we are each other’s
we are each other’s
magnitude and bond.

— Gwendolyn Brooks

NESA unequivocally supports the world-wide call for justice and racial equality as universally held human rights. Truth, compassion and equity are foundational in building the respect, integrity and trust essential to create and sustain learning communities in our NESA region and beyond.