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A Group of Schools/School System is defined by uniform branding, common governance, single incorporation (if applicable) and a centralized management office.​​​​​​​​​​​​
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Logo Upload

If you wish for your school’s logo, website, and social links to be featured in a public listing of NESA Member Schools on our website, please upload it here, or send it by email to ranya@nesacenter.org.

Transparent background PNG file. Minimum size: 200px at 72 dpi.

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Wider Circle Representative

Your school is invited to nominate a senior staff member (e.g., curriculum coordinator, principal, lead teacher) to NESA’s Wider Circle.

Wider Circle Representatives serve as the line of communication between NESA and your school in matters related to professional learning. They have the opportunity to influence NESA programming according to your school's strategic priorities, and one representative from each school or school system is eligible to receive a 50% discount on registration at the online Educators Learning Event.


Please complete the Wider Circle Designation Form once your Wider Circle Representative has been selected.

Deadline: JUNE 30, 2021.


NESA Special Benefits

A School Subscription with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), Organizational Membership with Boardsource, and a subscription to the weekly Marshall Memo are offered to NESA Member Schools at no additional cost.

Annual opt-in is required if you wish to take advantage of these benefits. Please check the boxes below to indicate your preference.

School Subscription with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), which includes the following: a subscription to Independent School magazine; discounts for NAIS services, events and products; access to the Career Center.​​​ (Note: NAIS School Subscription does not include full access to all NAIS Resources.)​​​​​​
Organizational Membership in BoardSource, the premier professional association for matters relating to non-profit governance.​​​​​​​​​
A subscription to the Marshall Memo: a weekly round up of ideas and research in K-12 education.​​

Salary & Benefits Survey

As a NESA Member School, you are eligible to participate in our voluntary, confidential Annual Salary & Benefits Surveys: one for Teachers and one for Administrators.

Joining in this collaborative effort will benefit your school as well as member schools across the entire region. Completing these surveys will give you access to the consolidated information we receive from all participating NESA schools.

Please note NESA shares this data only with schools that participate in the surveys.

Please complete (or have your administrator/business manager complete) both Salary & Benefits Surveys.

Deadline: JUNE 30, 2021.


Standards and Performance Indicators

Please re-affirm the following:

Our school or system shares NESA's core values.

Our school or system is committed to NESA's mission.

Our school or system is committed to professional development.

Our school participates in NESA.

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