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January 2019 - April 2020

*** This Cohort is full - thank you for your interest. Please email Monica Medina to express your interest in upcoming cohorts: ***

Lead Presenter

Monica Medina

Instructor in the Education Department at California State University Channel Islands, international consultant and facilitator of the International Schools Literacy Coach Cohort (ISLCC) in the CEESA region.

Full Bio

MONICA MEDINA has been an international educator for over 25 years working as a Deputy Superintendent and Principal in Ecuador (Academic Cotopaxi), Kenya (International School of Kenya), China (Shanghai American School), the United Arab Emirates (American School of Dubai) and Brazil (Escola American do Rio de Janeiro).

She earned her Doctorate in International Multicultural Education at the University of San Francisco in California where she worked as a teacher and school administrator for over 15 years prior to moving overseas.

During her 20+ years overseas she has worked in growing schools where program expansion and growth were a focus. She also worked very closely with the late Bonnie Campbell Hill, the developer of the Bonnie Campbell-Hill Reading and Writing developmental continuum.

Dr Medina is a recipient of the National Association of Elementary School Principals prestigious National Distinguished Principal Award.

She presently works as an Instructor in the Education Department at California State University Channel Islands and consults with international schools coaching administrators, providing workshops on K-12 literacy practices and training international schools literacy coaches facilitating the International Schools Literacy Coach Cohort (ISLCC) in the CEESA region.


Shannon Hobbs-Beckley

Lower School administrator at Graded American School in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and member of Learning Forward.

Full Bio

SHANNON HOBBS-BECKLEY has been an educator for 22 years working in both international and US public school settings. She has served in the roles of Elementary Principal and Associate Principal, Instructional Leadership and Professional Learning Coordinator, instructional coach, and classroom teacher.

While working in US public schools, she lead the development and implementation of a district-wide instructional coaching program, supporting coaches and administrators in 40 schools. In 2008, in tandem with Bonnie Campbell-Hill and Carrie Ekey, she began work as the co-facilitator of the NESA Literacy Coach Cohort, which later expanded to the CEESA region. Recently, she led the pre-conference session on Instructional Coaching at the annual AASSA Educators Conference.

She is a member of Learning Forward and former Executive Secretary for the Washington Affiliate. As an educator she has expertise and interest in adult learning, leadership, organizational and systems approaches to improvement, and literacy instruction.

Ms Hobbs-Beckley holds a Master of Educational Leadership from the University of Washington-Bothell, a Master’s Degree in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment from Lesley University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Child Development from Western Washington University.

Summary & Curriculum


A knowledgeable, well trained literacy coach can support the work of principals and curriculum specialists by providing deep and sustainable change in literacy instruction for students. A literacy coach is someone who can induct and mentor new teachers, organize professional book studies, create level book rooms, provide demonstration teaching, and engage in side-by-side coaching.

This program offers in-depth training over time and the chance to network with literacy specialists and leaders from schools around the region. While some participants will continue as class teachers and literacy leaders in their schools, others may become literacy coaches and assume other leadership roles. Regardless of their plan, we want to create a forum where they can map out their plans to use their learning once the cohort ends.


The curriculum is developed to be cyclical. During the first two sessions Monica lays the groundwork for concepts that Shannon cycles back to deepening candidate understandings in later sessions, with a focus on building a community of learners. Monica ensures cohort members have a similar base understanding about balanced literacy and Lucy Calkins reading and writing workshop. She begins to delve into coaching and models a few coaching sessions with teachers in a school setting. Participants do some light coaching and practice some preliminary skills with each other.

When Shannon joins the final three sessions she digs more deeply into coaching. In Session 4 both cohort members and their administrators attend to ensure each member has a plan to use elements of their studies in their work. At the end of each session participants create a plan of action to implement between sessions. At the end of the final session, this plan is critical in launching participants’ post cohort work.

There is an expectation that someone from your school’s administrative team agree to attend the 2-day administrator session (Friday-Saturday) in January 2020. Their initial commitment to attend this session is critical in supporting the participant’s efforts as a literacy leader/coach.

Email Dr. Monica Medina at with any queries about the Cohort.


Participants will:
  • Learn to support their schools while deepening their own knowledge of literacy and assessment.
  • Learn ways to facilitate small groups of teachers in analysis of student work.
  • Understand adult learners
  • Analyze the curricular components necessary to a balanced literacy program.
  • Observe and practice coaching models of demonstrations of teaching.
  • Observe and practice coaching conferences and side-by-side coaching.


Session 1: 4 days

January 25-28, 2019

2019 NESA Winter Training Institute, American International School Chennai, India
[View WTI Schedule]

Dr Monica Medina
Session 2: 4 days

March 28-31, 2019

2019 NESA Spring Educators Conference, Royal Orchid Sheraton, Bangkok
[View ILCC Schedule at SEC]

Dr Monica Medina

Session 3: 4 days
November 8-11, 2019

2019 NESA Fall Training Institute
Venue TBA

Dr Monica Medina & Ms Shannon Beckley
Session 4: 4 days

January 24-27, 2020

2020 NESA Winter Training Institute – Venue TBA

Administrators are invited to this session - (one per coach)

Dr Monica Medina & Ms Shannon Beckley

Session 5: 3 days
April 3-5, 2020

2020 NESA Spring Educators Conference - Venue TBA

Dr Monica Medina & Ms Shannon Beckley

Registration Fees

Total registration fees for all 5 sessions: $4,250

  • First session (WTI-2019): $700 - Deadline December 15, 2018
  • Second session (SEC-2019): $1,000 - Deadline February 20, 2019
  • Third session (FTI-2019): $750 - Deadline October 1, 2019
  • Fourth session (WTI-2020): $750 - Deadline December 15, 2019
  • Fifth session (SEC-2020) : $1,050 - Deadline February 20, 2020


  • Conference/Institute registration and entrance to all social events.
  • Morning/afternoon coffee breaks and lunch.
  • Transportation daily to and from the hotel to the school each day of the Institute (Sessions 1, 3 and 4).
(Not included: travel, accommodation)

The literacy cohort is an enriched learning experience that will empower you as a teacher and literacy leader! Three cheers for an EXTRAORDINARY experience!

— Jill Gozdowski, Dresden International School

The ability to continually practice skills with the support of two exceptional mentors and a group of like-minded, committed people has been invaluable. This has been, by far, the most rewarding professional learning I’ve been a part of and I look forward to ongoing communication and support in the future.

— Stacey Socholotuk, American International School of Bucharest

This has been, far and away, the best professional development experience I have ever had the privilege to take part in. Through each session I’ve grown in new ways, both in my understanding of literacy instruction, and in my ability to coach others.

—Jenna Pabalate, Anglo-American School of Sofia

Having a safe space to practice coaching with lovers of literacy who are patient, reflective and good feedback givers, has elevated my professional coaching.

— Heather Onderick, International School of Kuala Lumpur

We received focused direction and support from two inspiring instructors and after twenty years of teaching I feel newly energized. It's exciting to think about the impact this cohort has had on my teaching, my school environment, and on the students I work with every day. A truly impactful professional development to be a part of!

Ingrid Spanjaard, International School of Amsterdam