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NESA Live Forums Protocols

Please review the following the Forum Space and Zoom Call protocols:

Forum Space Protocols

  • Please do not share your Forum Space password with anyone outside your forum group.
  • For upcoming meeting details, please reference the Schedule in the Forum Space (updated by the Forum/Session Facilitator).
  • Your Forum Space contains a shared drive for uploading materials/resources for the group. Access to the Forum shared drive is by NESA invitation only. A Google email address is required.
  • To share documents/resources with your group, upload them to the Shared Resources folder in your Forum's Shared Drive, or add URLs to the Shared Links sheet in that folder.
  • If you would like to suggest a topic for discussion, please enter it in the Discussion Focus Bank. Facilitators may reference this document for ideas, but not all topics will necessarily be covered.
  • Enter your email in the Member Emails sheet ONLY if you wish to share it with the group.

Zoom Call Protocols

  • If you have not joined a Zoom meeting before, please begin your login process 15 minutes prior to the start of the Live Forum session to allow for system set up.
  • NO meeting invitations will be sent. Please save the link you received in the Confirmation email after you registered, and add the meeting to your calendar.
  • You will need to be logged in to Zoom to join the meeting online. It is also possible to dial in via telephone (mobile or landline); however, your participation will be limited.
  • Your video will be disabled by default upon entry into the session. You may turn it on at any time if you wish to be visible.
  • You will be muted by default upon entry to the session. Please remain muted until called on to speak by the facilitator. After you have finished speaking, please mute your microphone again.
  • If you wish to speak, indicate to the facilitator by virtually ‘raising your hand’ in Zoom or physically raising your hand if your video is active (the session facilitator will outline their preference at the start of the call).
  • One person at a time will be invited to speak. To minimise disruptions while speaking, please put device notifications on silent.
  • Please use the Zoom chat for questions/insights/links. If sharing resources in the chat, please also remember to add them to your Forum Shared Drive space/Links sheet following the call.
  • There are a number of screen display options. We recommend using the Speaker View, which will show you the current, primary speaker with other screens minimised.
  • If you need to leave the meeting early, no problem: just leave quietly. You can use the ‘Leave meeting’ option at the bottom of the screen. There is not need to notify the facilitators.
  • The meeting will be recorded and shared with NESA Staff and all members of your forum.