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A Collaborative is made up of educators from NESA member schools seeking to be part of a professional community in specific disciplines (literacy, math, early childhood…) or areas of professional responsibility (middle school principals, coaches, librarians...). The role of the collaboratives is to connect 'like' educators for the purpose of sharing proven practice, references and resources and applying them to their classrooms/learning community.

Each “Collaborative” is led by a Collaborative Core of 5-8 members designated by NESA’s Director of Professional Learning. Their role is to:

  • Create and maintain a plan for sustained, systemic professional learning for their discipline or community
  • Coordinate with the Professional Development Advisory Committee (PDAC) to providing professional learning opportunities for the collaborative
  • Facilitate collaboration among members

See the Guidelines for Collaborative Groups

We are grateful to the following collaboratives for their contributions to the 2017/18 program:

Business Managers Collaborative

FLC: Three planning and development sessions.

  • Hemant Dutia, TAISM, Oman
  • Hamdi Hamdi, ACS Jordan, Amman
  • Geoffrey Vaulgrenant, CAC, Egypt
  • Leila Giansiracusa, AISR, Saudi Arabia

Early Childhood Collaborative

FTI: Intentional Deliberate Play - Kristine Mraz

SEC: Creating Powerful, Playful Inquiry Projects in Early Childhood - Ben Mardell and Ruth Baxter Hesselda.

  • Loralea Wood, TAISM, Oman
  • Diane Ajamian, AES Delhi, India
  • Sawsan Yaseen, ACS Beirut, Lebanon
  • Soraya Kehoe, ISG, Saudi Arabia
  • Tresa Murphy, AIS Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Ann Peterson, ACS Abu Dhabi, UAE

Technology Leadership and Innovation Collaborative

FLC: Innovative Practice Sharing - Technology Leadership and Innovation Collaborative

  • Mike Dunlop: AS Dubai, UAE
  • Charlotte Diller, TAISM, Oman
  • Derek Swanson, ACS Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Santha Kumar, CAC, Egypt
  • Kelli Powling, AIS Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Alex Johnson, AS Bombay, India

Human Resource Directors Collaborative

FLC: Three planning and development sessions.

  • MC Mohan, AES, India
  • Freny Dastur, AS Bombay, India
  • Jocelyne Diab Bitar, ACS Beirut, Lebanon
  • Hiba Chaaban, IC Beirut, Lebanon
  • Robin Young, AS Doha, Qatar

Librarians Collaborative

FTI: Media Literacy - Renee Hobbs

  • Jess Levitt, ACS Amman, Jordan
  • Jeremy Wilette, AISC, India
  • Linda Hosieth, AS Doha, Qatar
  • Kelly Donaldson, AISR, Saudi Arabia

Coaches Collaborative

SEC: Coaching and Coachability: Working Beautifully for Beautiful Work (NESA Networked Learning Series: Pilot Program - NESA powered by Global Online Academy) - Steve Barkley & the NESA Coaches Collaborative Core

  • Matt Bernstein-Grove, AS Dubai, UAE
  • Meeka White, AISR, Saudi Arabia
  • Aaron Shelby, BBS, Kuwait
  • Nour Jalloul, ACS Beirut, Lebanon

Literacy Collaborative

WTI: Stevi Quate Close Reading MS/HS
Literacy Coaching Cohort

SEC: Extended workshops

  • Penny Aimes, CAC, Egypt
  • Katrina Theilmann, AS Doha, Qatar
  • Faiza Martin, AS Bombay, India
  • Sarah Toa, AS Dubai, UAE

Math Collaborative

WTI: Instruction - Steve Leinwand and Sherry Parrish

SEC: Student Engagement in Math That Matters - Dan Meyer & the NESA Math Collaborative Core

  • Calley Connelly, AISC, India
  • Nicole Fedio, ISG, Saudi Arabia
  • Carol Little, AS Doha, Qatar
  • Andrew Marama, AS Bombay, India
  • Evan Guyer, AES Delhi, India
  • Rayyan Amine, AIS Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Performing and Visual Arts Collaborative

FTI: Designing Engaging Assessments in the Arts - Dennis Inhulsen and the Performing and Visual Arts Collaborative Core

  • Matt McGrady, ACS Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Kaleroy Zervos, AS Bombay, India
  • Heather Meinen, RVIS, Bahrain
  • Klara Hermanek, AS Doha, Qatar

Physical Education Collaborative

WTI: Designing Quality Assessments for Physical Education - Natalie Bolton
  • Jason Levitt, ACS Amman, Jordan
  • Sharyn Partly, AS Doha, Qatar
  • Diane Oliffe, AS Dubai, UAE
  • Brent Raven, ACS Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Liam Smith, ISG, Saudi Arabia

World Language Collaborative

FTI: Guiding Language Learners to Grow and Show Their Proficiency - Paul Sandrock

  • Margaret McCarron, AS Bombay, India
  • Sam Petree, AS Bombay, India
  • Frederique Myers, AISR, Saudi Arabia
  • Diala Kamal, ACS Amman, Jordan
  • Hanadi Dayyeh, ACS Beirut, Lebanon
  • Cheryl Hordenchuck, ACS Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Tim Coble, AS Doha, Qatar

ES Principals

FLC: Getting to Simplicity: Aligning Intention and Attention - Teresa Arpin and Ronald Lalonde

  • Jenny Canar, AIS Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • JohnEric Advento, AS Dubai, UAE
  • Jonathan Johnson, ACS Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Diane Osterlund, ACS Beirut, Lebanon
  • Jackie Jenkins, ACS Amman, Jordan
  • Nada Collins, AES Delhi, India

MS Principals

  • Jane Dibbert, AS Dubai, UAE
  • Rob Gohr, AS Doha, Qatar
  • Phil Wendel, ACS Beirut, Lebanon
  • Tom Leonas, AIS Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Courtney Bailey, CAC, Egypt
  • Casey Fauknall, AS Bombay, India

Science Collaborative


FTI: Supporting Science Students in Three-Dimensional Learning - Chris Zieminski

  • Lauren Bowers, AS Dubai, UAE
  • Zeina Sakr, ISG, Saudi Arabia
  • Jacob Owens, ACS Amman, Jordan
  • Stephanie Chisholm, ACS Abu Dhabi. UAE
  • Nada El Ghossein, AS Kuwait, Kuwait

Service Learning Collaborative

FTI: Compass Education Level 1 Practitioner Certification Workshop - Tom McClean

SEC: Integrating Service Learning in the Curriculum - Cathryn Berger Kaye, Tara Barton & the NESA Service Learning Collaborative Core
  • Laurence Myers, AS Dubai, UAE
  • Callie Bushmiller, RVIS, Bahrain
  • Richard Bampfylde, IC Beirut, Lebanon
  • Chi Shang, AS Doha, UAE
  • Tom McLean, ISG, Saudi Arabia
  • Dan Love, AIS Chennai, India

Social Studies Collaborative

  • Jamie Brown, ISG, Saudi Arabia
  • Margaret Wang, RVIS, Bahrain
  • Anita Reilly, AS Doha, Qatar
  • Casie Gaebler, ACS Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Tim Livingston, ACS Beirut, Lebanon
  • Gavin Chamberlain, AS Dubai, UAE

In addition, we have two new collaboratives for Social Studies and Service Learning. Look out for news from them in the coming year.