A Collaborative is made up of educators from NESA member schools seeking to be part of a professional community in specific disciplines (literacy, math, early childhood…) or areas of professional responsibility (middle school principals, coaches, librarians...). The role of the collaboratives is to connect 'like' educators for the purpose of sharing proven practice, references and resources and applying them to their classrooms/learning community.

Each “Collaborative” is led by a Collaborative Core of 5-8 members designated by NESA’s Director of Professional Learning. Their role is to:

  • Create and maintain a plan for sustained, systemic professional learning for their discipline or community
  • Coordinate with the Professional Development Advisory Committee (PDAC) to providing professional learning opportunities for the collaborative
  • Facilitate collaboration among members

See the Guidelines for Collaborative Groups

Current NESA Collaborative Groups

We are grateful to the following collaboratives for their contributions to the 2017/18 program:

Business Managers Collaborative

FLC: Three planning and development sessions.

  • Hemant Dutia, TAISM, Oman
  • Hamdi Hamdi, ACS Jordan, Amman
  • Geoffrey Vaulgrenant, CAC, Egypt
  • Leila Giansiracusa, AISR, Saudi Arabia

Coaches Collaborative

FLC: Sustained Systemic Transformation through Coaching - STEVE BARKLEY

  • Meeka White, AISR, Saudi Arabia
  • Tara Waudby, ISG, Saudi Arabia
  • Gabby Faull, AS Doha, Qatar
  • Matt Bernstein-Grove, AS Dubai, UAE
  • Penny Kynigou, ACS Athens, Greece
  • Aaron Shelby, BBS, Kuwait

Early Childhood Collaborative

FTI: Growing Your Instructional Practice Through Collaboration - MICHELLE RUPIPER

SEC: Emergent Curriculum – KRISTINE MRAZ

  • Katie Koenig, ACS Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Diane Younes, AS Doha, Qatar
  • Loralea Wood, TAISM, Oman
  • Tiffany Hill, AS Bombay, India

Ed Tech Leaders Collaborative


FTI: DOUG JOHNSON (Combined Librarians and Ed Tech leaders Collaboratives)

  • Mike Dunlop: AS Dubai, UAE
  • Maggie Has-McGrane, AS Bombay, India
  • Victor Guthrie, ACS Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Andrew White, AISR, Saudi Arabia
  • Brent Fullerton, ACS Amman, Jordan

Human Resource Directors Collaborative

FLC: Three planning and development sessions.

  • MC Mohan, AES, India
  • Amira Hashem, CAC, Egypt
  • Marise Jayendran, ACS Abu Dhabi, UAE

Librarians Collaborative

FTI: Roles and Goals -Librarians are from Venus, Technologists are from Mars - DOUG JOHNSON (Combined Librarians and Ed Tech leaders Collaboratives)

  • Jess Levitt, ACS Amman, Jordan
  • Jeremy Wilette, AISC, India
  • Paige Spilles, TAISM, Oman
  • Linda Hosieth, AS Doha, Qatar
  • Kelly Donaldson, AISR, Saudi Arabia
  • Here Bhojwani, AS Bombay, India

Literacy Collaborative

FTI: Mining a Mentor Text/Using a Mentor Text in the Classroom - MATT GLOVER

SEC - Reading Extended Workshop - K-2 and 3-8 (3 days)

  • Penny Times, CAC, Egypt
  • Crystal Jacobs, SAES, Saudi Arabia
  • Katrina Theilmann, AS Doha, Qatar
  • Faiza Martin, AS Bombay, India
  • Sarah Toa, AS Dubai, UAE

Math Collaborative

WTI - Number Talks (Mathematics) — SHERRY PARRISH

SEC: Student Engagement in Math that Matters – DAN MEYER

  • Nicole Fedio, ISG, Saudi Arabia
  • Carol Little, AS Doha, Qatar
  • Calley Connelly, AISC, India
  • Jancey Clark, AISR, Saudi Arabia

Performing and Visual Arts Collaborative

WTI: Arts Curriculum Design – DENNIS INHULSEN

  • Matt McGrady, ACS Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Kaleroy Zervos, AS Bombay, India
  • Heather Meinen, RVIS, Bahrain
  • Klara Hermanek, AS Doha, Qatar

Physical Education Collaborative

FTI: Standards-Based Physical Education Curriculum: Lessons and Assessments – DEBORAH TANNEHILL

  • Jason Levitt, ACS Amman, Jordan
  • Sharyn Partly, AS Doha, Qatar
  • Diane Oliffe, AS Dubai, UAE
  • Nichola Smith, ISG, Saudi Arabia
  • Lisa Paterson, ACS Abu Dhabi, UAE

World Language Collaborative

FTI - Developing Proficiency-based Assessment for World Languages - CAROL COMMODORE

WTI: ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) Assessment Training
  • Margaret McCarron, AS Bombay, India
  • Sam Petree, AS Bombay, India
  • Frederique Myers, AISR, Saudi Arabia
  • Diala Kamal, ACS Amman, Jordan
  • Hanadi Dayyeh, ACS Beirut, Lebanon
  • Cheryl Hordenchuck, ACS Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Tim Coble, AS Doha, Qatar

In addition, we have two new collaboratives for Social Studies and Service Learning. Look out for news from them in the coming year.