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A Collaborative is made up of educators from NESA member schools seeking to be part of a professional community in specific disciplines (literacy, math, early childhood…) or areas of professional responsibility (middle school principals, coaches, librarians...). The role of the collaboratives is to connect 'like' educators for the purpose of sharing proven practice, references and resources and applying them to their classrooms/learning community.

Each “Collaborative” is led by a Collaborative Core of 5-8 members designated by NESA’s Director of Professional Learning. Their role is to:

  • Create and maintain a plan for sustained, systemic professional learning for their discipline or community
  • Coordinate with the Professional Development Advisory Committee (PDAC) to providing professional learning opportunities for the collaborative
  • Facilitate collaboration among members

See the Guidelines for Collaborative Groups

We are grateful to the following collaboratives for their contributions to the 2017/18 program:

In addition, we have two new collaboratives for Social Studies and Service Learning. Look out for news from them in the coming year.