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Coaching & Coachability

Join Steve Barkley and a dynamic group of teachers, coaches, and leaders for this 6‑week inquiry cycle of online collaborative learning, anchored by a 4‑day experience in person at the NESA Educators Learning Conference.

Online Coaching
& Feedback
NESA Certificate in Coachability

Grow your ability to coach and be coached and earn a NESA Certificate in Coachability. Assess how coachable you are and examine the coaching culture within your school. Leave with a plan to advance student success in a culture of coaching.



Online introductions
and orientation



4-day workshop at the NESA Educators Learning Conference



In-school application
Online coaching and feedback


This 6-week inquiry cycle involving online and in-person professional learning begins in an online space, followed by a four-day in-person learning experience at NESA's Spring Educators Conference. The cycle concludes with practice and feedback.

NESA's first networked community of practice will redesign professional learning to:

• Move from events to programs
• Move from learning in isolation to learning in networked communities
• Move from focus on adult learning to adult learning that impacts student learning
• Move from learning prescribed content to co-creation and inquiry cycles


Whether you are a teacher, coach, or leader, working in a school usually means juggling multiple priorities and tasks. In this hectic context, we often create work that is less deliberate, collaborative, or fully realized than we would like. In his work on project based learning, Ron Berger reminds us that to produce beautiful, authentic, and fully realized work students need:

• work that matters
• opportunities to study excellence
• to engage in a culture of critique
• multiple revisions
• public presentations

The importance of these elements are not restricted to students, however. Our ability to coach and be coached in a collaborative culture of learning and inquiry provides these elements for teachers, coaches and leaders.


Explore Beliefs and Values

Identify and Practice Skills

Develop a Plan of Impact


  • Join a process to seek ongoing coaching input on an upcoming student learning outcome or a more extended student development focus.
  • Engage with peers in PLCs or collegial teams or departments in a focus on teaching critique, revision, and excellence.
  • Invite like-minded colleagues to join peer coaching exchanges.


  • Engage in a process to increase teacher to teacher peer coaching within the school.
  • Develop questions and ideas to facilitate a leadership exploration of the current culture and support for coaching.


  • Lead by making a personal and public commitment to be coached.
  • Model the rewards of being coachable.
  • Extend practice & coaching feedback on use of identified coaching / conferencing / facilitating skills.
  • Survey staff to identify current beliefs and practices regarding coaching for teaching excellence - beautiful teaching.


For the past 35 years, Steve has served as an educational consultant to school districts, teacher organizations, state departments of education, and colleges and universities nationally and internationally, facilitating the changes necessary for them to reach students and successfully prepare them for the 21st century. A prolific published author, his weekly blog, Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud, has evolved into a go-to resource for teachers and administrators all over the world.