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Adult SEL in the Time of COVID

Developing Educators Competencies and Capacities to Support
Social Emotional Learning

NOVEMBER 20-29, 2020


Ellen Mahoney

Learn how to prevent burnout, foster educator resilience, and positively impact students' social and emotional learning during stressful and uncertain times with a leader in the International SEL and Mentoring fields.


Course Overview

SEL research tells us that helping educators strengthen their own social and emotional competencies is critical in developing those of our students. The stress that comes with teaching during the pandemic has made this feat more challenging, yet the need for adult SEL has never been more critical.

Join us as we explore and practice these social and emotional skills that will help us impact our students. sustain our work, build our capacity, and protect our wellbeing during the uncertain times ahead. Attendees can expect to leave this course equipped with practical, easy-to-implement strategies and the support of colleagues around the region.


Attendees are expected to meet for a one-hour Zoom call at the start of the course. The rest of the learning will happen asynchronously.

The Course

A couple of important things for you to know about this class:

    • You will be asked to keep a daily journal. Every day you will receive an email with the latest journal prompt. You can also find these prompts embedded in the online class. This journal can be digital or on paper - it is entirely up to you. Expect to spend 10-20 minutes a day writing in this journal.
    • We will be meeting on Zoom on Monday, November 23 at 5:30pm (Athens GMT+2) for one hour and 15 minutes.


The class is organized into these themes:

      • The fuel: An exploration of resilience, a learned capacity that helps sustain any inner work we do as educators
      • The tools: What the research says are the critical skills and competencies educators need in order to effectively model the social and emotional learning we want to see in our students.
      • The practice: Putting our learning into practice and reflecting on this process.
      • The plan: Designing in the space, time, and actions we can take to develop and hone these skills.

Target Audience

For educators interested in the personal growth that is required to effectively support the social emotional learning of our students.


      • Connect participants as a networked community of practice;
      • Introduce participants to adult Social and Emotional Learning competencies and deepen their understanding of how these impact students’ learning, development and wellbeing;
      • Support the application of these competencies in schools;
      • Increase, through practice and intentional planning, our self-awareness as teachers and leaders;
      • Plan for sustaining our resilience in order to model adult SEL for colleagues and students;
      • Communicate and effectively advocate for the promotion of adult social and emotional competencies in schools.

Steve Barkley

CEO & Certified Mentoring Program Professional

Sea Change Mentoring


ELLEN MAHONEY, M.Ed., is an alumna of international schools, the CEO of Sea Change Mentoring, and a Council of International Schools Affiliated Consultant. She is the only professional working with international schools who is certified in mentoring program supervision. Ms Mahoney is the host of the Sea Change Podcast, where guests explore all aspects of Social Emotional Learning in the International School community.

Registration Fees

All fees quoted are in US Dollars (USD).

— This course is part of the Online Educator Series for entire school faculties.

— Registration fee for individuals at schools not subscribed to the Online Educator Series:

    • US $150/person

Please review the Cancellation Notice before registering.