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Implementing and Sustaining a Standards-Based Learning System (post pandemic):

Structures, Systems and Strategies


Erma Anderson

FIVE 2.5-hour SESSIONS: Sept 3, Oct 1, Nov 5, Dec 3, 2020 & Jan 7, 2021
1:00-3:30pm (Athens, GMT+3)
Plus, a culminating Summit in early spring, 2021

Using guiding questions and a continuum, school teams will reflect on their learning and shared understanding of the SBLS components. Each session will include an overview of the elements of a standards-based system.


SBLS Series Overview

COVID-19 has created numerous challenges for schools. But it has also demonstrated what we have always known: that international educators are creative and resourceful in continuation of their goal to provide equitable, rigorous learning opportunities — regardless of learning environment — for ALL students. As schools are reopening and adjusting to the new normal, sustaining a SBLS is critical and will not happen by chance. It requires a plan.

This offering is not a repeat of the SBLS Summit in Muscat, Oman, that was held in January 2020. It is instead an important extension of that conversation that will help teams dig deeper and reflect on the current context and work together to sustain their SBLS.

This SBLS online series is an opportunity for school teams to learn, reflect, and share strategies. An emphasis will be on curriculum, instruction, assessment, and reporting.

Since it will be delivered virtually, the program allows large school teams in their school locales to work together.

The 7 components of a SBLS will be addressed over five, 2 ½-hour sessions. Each session (module) will provide an overview of the research underlying each component, followed by locally facilitated discussion and reflection. A question and a continuum will guide local team conversations. Concluding each session will be an opportunity to share across schools.

The series will culminate with a Summit in early spring on Disciplinary Literacy.

Target Audience

For school teams.

The 5 Modules


How are we articulating, implementing, and sustaining a shared vision of SBL?

2Alignment of Curriculum - Instruction - Assessment

What processes are in place to ensure our documented and executed instructional program (curriculum) and assessments are aligned to research based standards?

3Reporting Student Learning

How does our reporting of student learning reflect our shared vision of learning?

4Professional Development/Leadership

How does evidence of student learning drive professional development opportunities?

What systems/commitments have we made to support student learning?


Monitoring & Program Evaluation

What processes are in place that will provide evidence that what we are doing is promoting student learning?

Next Steps

Steve Barkley

Erma Anderson

Science & Mathematics Consultant, including with the U.S. State Department's Office of Overseas Schools



Erma Anderson is a former high school physics and mathematics teacher and Albert Einstein Distinguished Fellow in the US Senate. She was a Senior Program Officer with the National Research Council assisting in the development of the National Science Education Standards and a Christa McAuliffe Fellow with the National Foundation for the Improvement of Education.

She has worked with the National Science Teachers Association on several projects including the Mentoring Initiative e-Mentoring for Student Success (eMSS), development of sciLINKS (, and Project Manager of Scope, Sequence and Coordination of Secondary School Science.

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