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NESA Winter Training INstitute 2019

Online Educator Series


Executive Vice President, PLS 3rd Learning



Series Overview

The Empowering Learners Series will be presented in three one-hour sessions in November, December, and January. While each session in the series connects to how teachers impact student learning, participation in any single session will have immediate application to instructional decision making. Whether students are learning virtually at home or are in classrooms with teachers, it is what the student does that generates real learning.

Join fellow NESA Educators in this “Community of Practice” series led by Steve Barkley; Together we will focus on generating the needed student learning actions. Plan to leave each session with your own hypothesis to examine: “I am thinking that if I ______________, it will cause students to ______________ and increase learner success.”

Target Audience

Teachers, Teacher Leaders, Coaches and Learning Leaders.

Steve Barkley

Stephen G. Barkley

Executive Vice President,
PLS 3rd Learning


For the past 35 years, Steve Barkley has served as an educational consultant to school districts, teacher organizations, state departments of education, and colleges and universities nationally and internationally, facilitating the changes necessary for them to reach students and successfully prepare them for the 21st century. A prolific published author, his weekly blog, Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud, has evolved into a go-to resource for teachers and administrators all over the world.