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NESA Webinars

Leading Together


David Chojnacki & Rick Detwiler

AUGUST 25, 2020, 4:00-5:00pm (GMT+3)

Open to all schools - offered at no cost to NESA Member and Affiliate Schools


“Leading Together” is the culmination of a project funded by the US Department of State Office of Overseas Schools promoting the shared leadership between the Chair of the Board and the Head of School to guide their Boards to effective governance.

About the Leading Together Webinar

The challenge of leading an international School Board is great in “normal” times: high turnover of trustees, Board structures that sometimes restrict rather than enhance Board performance, the ongoing need for sustained Board development, finding the time to govern, and, of course, the volatile environment our international schools cope with. Now, with the added uncertainties of COVID-19, the challenge to the Chair and Head to lead their Boards is even greater.

The Leading Together webinar provides Chair-Head teams with a clear picture of what and how they need to “lead together” to ensure their Boards are meeting the challenges they face.

      • Chair/Head teams will understand the nine responsibilities they share for leading their Boards in effective governance.
      • Chair/Head teams will identify particular areas of strength and those worthy of refocus in leading their Boards.
Target Audience

This webinar is open only to school Chair-Head teams interested in enhancing the effectiveness of their partnership in leading their Boards.


Steve Barkley


Governance & School Board Training


DAVID CHOJNACKI (pronounced “hoy-NOT-ski”) has had a lifetime of engagement in, leadership of and networking with independent schools around the world. His headships include stints at the International School of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (1981-1984); Karachi American School (1984-1988); The American Embassy School in New Delhi (1988-1992); and Cairo American College (1992-1996).

Steve Barkley


Governance & Boardmanship


Rick Detwiler has worked with school boards as head of five international schools, in Israel, Bangladesh, Hungary, Brazil, and Nepal over a 21-year career overseas, and more recently as a governance consultant.

Born and raised in upstate New York, Mr. Detwiler earned his BA degree from Dartmouth College, MA from Tufts University, and CAGS from the University of Vermont. Before joining the international school community in 1988, he was a Naval officer, a Peace Corps volunteer in Botswana, and for ten years, a teacher and principal in Vermont.

Registration Fees

These online sessions are open to all schools; offered at no cost to NESA Member & Affiliate schools.

Registration fees for participants at Non-Member Schools are USD $35 per session. Payment options will be sent via email.