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Engaging, interactive live workshops and presentations on timely and relevant educational topics, for ‘just-in-time’ professional learning. Share knowledge and submit questions and comments in real time. One-day and multi-session offerings.

2021-2022 WEBINARs



Jennifer Abrams

Stretching Your Learning Edges: Adults “Growing Up” While Children are "Growing Up”

Mark Church

The Power of Making Thinking Visible

Carolyn McKanders

Navigating Parental Polarities

Cathryn Berger Kaye

Why Service Learning Matters to Schools, Your Children, and YOU: Bringing Learning to Life

Fran Prolman

Transforming Schools in Partnership

Jennifer Beckwith

❖ Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice: The conversation and commitment in schools

Garfield Gini-Newman

The Double Helix Model of Learning

Ellen Mahoney

Reflecting on the Journey

Kristin Lowe

Positive Education & the Science of Well-Being

Andrew Watson

A Parent's Guide to the Science of Attention

Mark Church

In Our Classrooms, In Our Schools: What is the Story of Learning?

Kim Marshall

 Making the Best Use of the Marshall Memo

Joy Marchese

Neutral Spaces: Tips and Tools for Avoiding Power Struggles

Kavita Tanna

Writing the New Story of Wholeness, Integration & Inclusion

David Gleason

❖ At What Cost? Defending Adolescent Development in Fiercely Competitive Schools