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1: Developing Awareness
2: Deepening Understanding
3: Initiating Implementation
4: Extending Implementation
5: Refining Practice


The Inspire Citizens workshops are a must for anyone that is...

  • A classroom educator that seeks ways to bring greater compassion, connection, understanding, and action into the classroom.
  • A curriculum, sustainability, or service learning coordinator that is trying to help their school’s vision and mission for student agency and global citizenship come to life through highly engaging, student-centered learning experiences.
  • A technology & innovation coach or librarian who leads or collaborates on projects with teachers that enhance literacies such as data, transmedia, information, futures thinking, and generative co-creation.
  • A school counselor who is working to spark mentoring experiences that center on compassion, connection, understanding, and action within ourselves and in our relationship with others and the planet.
  • A future-focused administrator who is exploring proof-of-concept in building a culture of engaged global citizenship as a through-line for any and all school-wide initiatives or professional learning communities.
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