General Interest Workshops

Venue: InterContinental Hotel

General Interest Workshops are opportunities for NESA school leaders and NESA 'affiliates' to share resources, best practice,
effective programs and initiatives, and cutting-edge innovations with each other in a spirit of collaboration, one of NESA's core beliefs.

For a list of all FLC workshops see "Sessions: Who Speaks When"

Friday, Oct. 20, 2:15-3:15pm

ALANKRIT ARORA has been the founding Chief Business Officer at the American International School Chennai (AISC) since 2012. Previously, he served for 12 years in the Navy in various roles and is an alumnus of the Naval Academy, the Naval College of Engineering, and the Advanced Management Program of the Sloan School of Management at MIT.

ANDREW HOOVER has been the Head of School at the American International School Chennai (AISC), India, since 2011. He was founding Middle School Principal and Director of Strategic Planning and Implementation at the American School of Bombay (ASB), and he taught social studies and served in leadership roles at The American School in Japan. Mr Hoover serves on the NESA Board of Trustees and the International Advisory Council of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Dynamic Risk Management Platform
AISC has developed a Dynamic Risk Management Platform -- a unique tool that encompasses all aspects of school-wide risk management, facilitates real time risk analysis, and informs decision-making. By applying this tool, AISC enhances awareness and synergy between the Board and the school administration. We will share our framework and aspects of our journey, and engage you to share your views.

LUKE DAVIS is currently the Athletics, Activities & Aquatics Director at Lincoln School in Nepal. He has cultivated a love of Nepal and its people, which has led to co-developing the Service Learning program at Lincoln School. He has Masters Degrees in Education and Sports Coaching Management.

ANNE McGUINNESS is a secondary social studies teacher at Lincoln School. She has a background in humanitarian work, and at Lincoln, she has facilitated relationships with local experts and organizations while advising student-led service projects. Ms McGuinness holds a Bachelor's degree in International Studies and a Master's degree in International Education.

EMMA BATE began her career with All Hands Volunteers, an international NGO, after completing a degree in Disaster Management and working in the UK public sector in Emergency Planning. She has worked with Lincoln School to coordinate their service learning trips to Nuwakot and Sindhupalchok districts of Nepal.

Service Learning that Makes a Difference: Partnering with Organizations to Create Authentic Learning Experiences and Lasting Change (Service-Learning at Lincoln School Post-Earthquake)
Almost two years after the biggest earthquakes shook Nepal (magnitudes of 7.8 and 7.3), we have revamped our Service-Learning programs. In collaboration with All Hands Volunteers and other organizations, we have constructed two new schools and 19 classrooms, developed rainwater harvesting, solar power, and provided clean drinking water and gender-appropriate toilets to almost 2000 children in five schools. In this workshop, we will share our service-learning vision, beliefs, and standards, and how we have been able to bring these into action through student-led initiatives. We hope this enables other schools to partner with organizations to make service-learning an authentic reality.

For the past eight years, MAX EISL has consulted with international schools on technologies including student information, online learning and communications platforms. He is a frequent speaker sharing his expertise and vision on digital communications. He holds a BS in Chemistry/Comprehensive Science/Secondary Education and a Masters in Educational Leadership. Mr Eisl worked in schools for 14 years.,

Optimizing Inquiries and Engagement Through Your Website
Learn new strategies for increasing website engagement and generating more qualified inquiries. By implementing the concepts of inbound marketing, you can control the journey visitors take on your website. By crafting personas, optimizing your website for search, and using social media to generate qualified website traffic, you can simplify your workload while achieving better results. In this session, we will discuss the concepts and the tools to enable you to more fully engage your community and meet your goals.

BARBARA FIELD is a life-long educator and earned degrees from the University of California-Santa Barbara and Texas A&M University. Her international teaching and administrative career took her to El Salvador, Mexico, Honduras, Bolivia, Brazil, and Colombia. After transitioning to textbook publishing, she traveled as a global consultant for Pearson, focusing on sales, marketing, and training teachers.,

LYNN NOTARAINNI enjoys a diverse background in the world of international schools, having attended Priory School in Kingston, Jamaica, and the American School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In her career as a representative and manager of two of the largest American educational publishers, Ms Notarainni served schools throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. She speaks Brazilian Portuguese fluently.

Charting the Course of a Child's Development through Smarter Assessment
This interactive session will provide administrators and teachers the opportunity to share their assumptions and experiences using formative assessment.
Learning Outcomes:
1. Beginning with early childhood, the workshop will provide tools to identify educational needs and chart their growth across grade levels,
2. We will focus on building a strong foundation for conceptual development and charting the steps for meeting ongoing challenges across grade levels.
3. Emphasis will be on examining the formative assessment path for each child's physical, emotional, and academic growth.
4. Ultimately the focus is on the long-term path for the success of the whole child.

GREG MacGILPIN is currently the Head of School at the American Community School Beirut and previously the General Director at Country Day School in Costa Rica. As head, Mr MacGilpin believes he has found where passion meets profession, though there are days he meanders to kindergarten where he began his career as a teacher.

What Would You Do Next? Child Protection Case Studies
When it comes to child safety, leading schools rarely permits us time to practice ‘what would we do’ without consequences. Case studies can provide such opportunities. They present realistic and contextually rich situations involving a dilemma that a character in the case must negotiate. Using case studies, we will use our collective wisdom to practice and challenge our responses.

JOHN MOORE, a Partner at Rubicon International, leads educational technology and consulting initiatives in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and North America. He is experienced in bringing together diverse project teams and has taught at the university level, presented on curriculum renewal and consulted on educational projects for 25 years.,

KELBY ZENOR, Director of Professional Development and a senior manager at Rubicon International, guides the coordination, development and facilitation of Professional Development programs both nationally and internationally. Ms. Zenor has presented at conferences on curriculum review, analysis and process.

Align the Planned and the Learned Curriculum with Pleiades
How can you better support curriculum decisions at your school? Join the Rubicon Team as we explore the connections between student learning and curriculum in Atlas using our new product Pleiades. Discover how your curricular decisions can foster student growth over time

JORGE NAVARRO manages strategic business development throughout the Middle East and India for NWEA. He holds an M.Ed. in English Education, and was a Doctoral Candidate (Ph.D.) at the University of Florida. His research interests include bilingual education and assessment. Before coming to NWEA, Mr Navarro was Vice President of Marketing for SchoolCity, an Ed Tech firm based in Silicon Valley and Bangalore.,

When MAP Test Results Are Used for High-Stakes Purposes
The need to ensure quality across international schools can result in ministries of education use, and possible misuse, of MAP results for high-stakes purposes. How can international schools balance their values about assessment for learning with a ministry’s prioritizing assessment of learning? Join NWEA for a panel presentation of school leaders discussing challenges and best practices for using MAP in high-stakes environments.

Dr. Andrew Torris, Director, Universal American School, Dubai, UAE
Dr. Shirley Droese, Director of Learning, American Embassy School, New Delhi, India
Mr. Peter Mott, Director, New England Association of Schools and Colleges
Ms. Melissa Murphy, Department Chair, GEMS International School

KERRY O’GRADY is a senior Responsive Classroom consultant for the Center for Responsive Schools (CRS). She works with schools throughout the US and the international school community to create safe, challenging, and joyful learning environments where students can do their best learning. Ms O’Grady has served as an educator for 15 years.,

Building School-Wide Core Values
How we work with students is driven by our own core values about teaching and learning. Building a common set of core values among school staff can lead toward the successful use of the Responsive Classroom approach school-wide. Learn how to structure important conversations and activities that identify both beliefs and values about education that exist among the adult community. Also learn how to examine those beliefs and values and the effects they have on teaching and student learning outcomes.

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Saturday, Oct. 21, 3:00-4:00pm

BRIAN BEDRICK helps schools use data better by making the data easier to access, understand, and act upon. Prior to founding IDP in 2009, he was a nuclear engineer for the Department of Defense, Director of Internet Transformation at AT&T, VP of E-Commerce at General Electric, and a consultant to multiple international schools.,

How Well Does My School Use Data?
Learn how to self-evaluate your use of data and identify where you lie on the data sophistication continuum. We will share tips to optimize your data processes in your current state and techniques to use your data more effectively based on the best practices of dozens of schools and specific case studies of: a new school implementing data processes for the first time; an established UAE school leveraging its data to improve their KHDA inspection process; a school using data to measure its Mission using both quantitative and qualitative data.

SMITA BHARGAVA, VP of Programs & Special Risks, joined Clements Worldwide in 2006 and has over 15 years of insurance experience. She specializes in customized solutions for clients. Ms Bhargava began her insurance career in India in 1996 and has worked in various markets, forging strong relationships with insurance providers worldwide.,

Emerging Risks Facing International Schools in Asia
In this session, Clements will present emerging risks international schools face while operating in Asia. Some risks are common globally including increased liability risks related to child protection and ensuring adequate coverage for property values. Others are unique to the socio-economic climate of Asia including political security, where added extensions are required to, for example, a property policy, or for emergency evacuation. This interactive session, facilitated by our lead underwriter, will use data and best practices from schools around the world to help you adequately plan for such risks, including the use of insurance to transfer the risk.

JENNY CANAR is the Elementary School Principal at the American International School-Riyadh. Ms Canar’s travels have taken her from Germany and Indonesia to China and Saudi Arabia. This is her seventh year as the ES Principal and her eighth year at AIS-R. She holds a certificate in teaching, and degrees from Illinois State University and The College of New Jersey. Her passion is learning.

MEEKA WHITE is the Director of Learning at the American International School-Riyadh. Her 17-year career in education began in Ontario as a high school history teacher. Her interest in curriculum developed as a curriculum writer for a Grade 12 Social Studies course for the Ontario Ministry of Education. Ms White is in her third year as AIS-R’s Director of Learning and she holds degrees in Education and Educational Leadership.

A Professional Learning Plan: The Story of AIS-R U
The American International School-Riyadh (AIS-R) is excited to share its professional learning plan (PLP) with you! Learn how AIS-R developed and implemented a relevant and meaningful PLP to include: job-embedded courses across a period of time; K-12 teacher cohorts; teacher-leaders; goals to foster global citizenship understandings in our leaders, teachers, students, and parents.

ANDREW CROUSE earned his PhD in Physics focusing on Physics Education Research, but his expertise coalesces around two areas: research and professional development associated with teaching science as a process of inquiry, and the design of systems that empower individuals and schools to improve instruction and inspire change using data.

Practical Data Coherence
This workshop will present a scenario in international educational administration where data coherence is lacking. We will use Google Apps Scripts to resolve the problem. A framework for assessing data coherence in school systems will also be discussed. The intended audience consists of administrators wishing to: 1) assess data coherence in their school's systems, 2) plan new systems with data coherence in mind, and 3) take their use of spreadsheets and the Google system one step further.

JOSEPH HART has been a teacher, counselor, consultant and administrator. He has worked in Texas, Georgia, Greece, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. This is his 31st year in education and his fifth year at Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools. He has taught Grades 2-5, been a counselor for Grades PK-8 and an administrator for Grades PK-9.

Resilience vs. Reliance: What's Your Message?
This workshop is designed to help you reflect on your communication style and if there are ways in which you can refine it to build a staff that is resilient and constantly working on improving their skills. As you do teacher evaluations and meetings to discuss what you observe, you goal is to guide each teacher to be the best professional in the classroom. All teachers deal with a variety of situations, but a resilient teacher is one that makes decisions in the best interest of the students and school. How do you transform your teachers into resilient professionals?

BRUCE McWILLIAMS is the Executive Vice President of International Schools Services. He has been involved in international education since 1986 as a teacher, principal, school head and board trustee. Over his career he has developed school marketing campaigns that leverage vision and values to enhance the culture, community and reputation of schools.,

Marketing Isn't a Dirty Word: Leveraging Your Mission and Values to Build a Robust School Community
Too often schools view marketing as something separate from the professional life of the school. In fact, values based on marketing can enhance the development of your school's professional culture and foster a strong school identity. Marketing can define what makes your school unique and the potential impact it will have on students. The best school marketing and communications are grounded in your school’s values, with deliberate, strategic thought given toward reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time. This interactive workshop will provide a framework to help focus your communication strategies, messages and activities to reflect the vision of your school.

BECKY RIDDLE is a Physical Education teacher and coach at Cairo American College. Previously, she taught girls physical education for seven years in Las Vegas, Nevada. She holds a bachelor's degree in Physical Education from the University of Utah and a master’s degree in Administrative Leadership from Sierra Nevada College. She is passionate about using health and fitness to build self-confidence in her students and athletes.

WAYNE RUTHERFORD has spent his entire career in international schools. He began as an English/TOK teacher in Manila, entered administration in Sapporo, moved to Dakar in 2007, and then Cairo in 2012, where he is superintendent of Cairo American College. Mr Rutherford has served on association boards in Japan (JCIS) and Africa (AISA), and is currently on the NESA Board of Trustees.

Girls Get Strong: Empowering Young Women in Health and Fitness
Girls Get Strong was started in 2015 by Becky Riddle, a physical education teacher and coach at Cairo American College in Cairo, Egypt. The mission of Girls Get Strong is to empower young women to lead healthy lifestyles through collaboration between students, coaches, and community members. Learn how Girls Get Strong has used community resources to help the young women in CAC’s community develop the social, emotional, and physical skills needed to be confident and healthy.

KIRSTEN WELBES joined the American International School Chennai (AISC) in 2015 as the Director of Advancement. Prior to AISC, She held leadership and classroom positions in Japan and Peru. Ms Welbes earned a B.A. in History from Texas A&M University and an MA in Teaching from Rice University.

SANJA ILIC joined the American International School Chennai (AISC) in 2011 as its founding Director of Admissions. Prior to AISC, she was the Director of Admissions at the International School of Belgrade. Ms Ilić holds a B.A. in HR Management from Belgrade University.

Understanding and Mapping the Competition
Each school finds itself in a unique market, and it is crucial for schools to identify and understand their competition. In this workshop, you will be given the opportunity to consider the landscape of the schools in your community and begin to create a “map”, which will help visualize your competition. An example competition map will be shared with participants.

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Sunday, Oct. 22, 9:00-10:00

FATIMA ABU MUISS is Principal of Al Kamal American International School in Sharjah, an AdvancED-accredited school. She has 13 years of experience as a principal in the UAE. Ms Abu Muiss was an English Teacher for almost 18 years and also served as English Department Head and French Curriculum Supervisor, as well as an SAT Exam Center Supervisor in Dubai.

has been involved with international markets from the beginning of her career in Canada, when she joined International Publishing and Development. She worked with various governments in North Africa and South America to support their international presence. Prior to joining ExploreLearning in 2014, she served for five years on the Board of Trustees for the International School of Charlottesville.

Teaching for Understanding: Enhancing the STEM Curriculum with Interactive Simulations
When students use online simulations to explore STEM topics, conceptual understanding soars and Math and Science come to life. This workshop introduces participants to proven teaching strategies that help drive instructional change using Gizmos. Ms. Abu Muiss, Principal AKAIS, will share her student and teacher experience with this program and its benefits in enhancing their curriculum and building 21st Century skills.

MICHAEL BARTLETT is currently the Founding Executive Principal of Rising School Dubai, a new American curriculum school. He was previously the Executive Principal of the W-School in Sharjah, UAE and Curriculum Coordinator at Victoria International School of Sharjah. In Texas, he worked as a consultant and trainer for Texas Instruments with STEM emphasis. While in the Middle East, he has served as an American Curriculum School Inspector for AdvancEd and NCA.

MAP Results, Then What?
Because administration of standardized tests exhausts valuable school resources, it was critical to maximize our use of MAP assessment data. The MAP Informed Path allowed us to optimize our resources by feeding MAP data into our literacy solution and use other resources that created instructional recommendations specifically tailored to our students’ skill gaps and growth needs.

JANE LARSSON is Executive Director of the Council of International Schools (CIS), a global non-profit membership organization, providing International Accreditation, Intercultural Learning, Career, Research and University Placement Services to schools around the world. She currently serves as Chair of the International Task Force on Child Protection.,

Sharing the CIS Knowledge Base: Innovations and Trends Shaping the Future
Learn what CIS is learning! Our work evaluating and supporting 700+ high-quality, diverse school communities around the world exposes us to innovative programs and leading evidence-driven practice. We'll reveal important trends in international school student enrollment, tuition fees and compensation figures used to develop realistic goals and improve recruitment practices. Also: key findings from a study looking at the relationship between student cultures and learning preferences; financial aid trends that debunk the myth that no university scholarships are available for international school students; and critically important survey data exploring the indicators of child abuse.

As Commercial Director for Teach Away, DAVID MACFARLANE works with education institutions and governments around the world to advise on recruitment best practice. With over ten years of commercial experience, he is a trusted source for advice on how to leverage digital technologies to maximize recruitment performance.,

As Education Partnerships Manager at Teach Away, LLOYD FFRENCH assists education institutions worldwide with their recruitment goals. With over five years of experience in the international education recruitment sector, he possesses a wealth of knowledge on how institutions can better position themselves in a highly competitive space.

International Education Recruitment: The Hiring Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore In 2018
At a time when hiring international educators is more competitive than ever, going the extra mile to understand how to reach and attract quality teachers is no longer optional - it’s vital. To find out what truly makes teaching candidates tick, Teach Away surveyed our extensive online community of job-seeking educators. The result is our comprehensive report on the latest trends in international education recruitment. Featuring data-driven insights and advice from international education recruitment experts, we cover everything schools need to know about hiring teachers internationally, including what motivates job-seeking teachers and the latest strategies for engaging with today’s talent.

PAUL MONTAGUE is a former Geography teacher who became the manager of a school improvement group that spanned a network of schools in South Wales. He specializes in curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment and has worked with the Welsh Government on Qualification design and development.,

An Introduction to CAT4
Learn how to use the CAT4 assessment effectively for school improvement and personalized learning. Specific reference will be made to the new UAE National Agenda Parameters.

PETER C. MOTT was the Director of the NEASC Commission on International Education (CIE) from August 2012 to July 2017. He currently serves in a part-time capacity as NEASC International Accreditation Leader. Previously, Mr Mott served as Director of Zurich International School (ZIS) from 2001-2012, and as Director of the American International School of Zurich (AISZ) from 1989-2001.,

Learning - and Accreditation - in Perilous Times
Few would question that we live in times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and (moral) ambiguity (VUCA). What is the responsibility of education and schools in equipping our children with the skills, understandings, and dispositions to cope with the challenges implicit in this sobering view of our world? And what role should accreditation play in nudging schools to abandon cherished practices and assumptions that have failed to usher in a golden age of human progress? What is “good” about schools as we know them – and what is not good enough? This session will explore avenues for re-imagining education in our times.

MIRKA STRANO has over ten years’ experience in designing and managing health insurance schemes for SMEs and large organizations. As the Corporate Business Development manager for Pacific Prime in the Middle East, she is committed to the delivery of superior advice to all her new clients. She also holds overall responsibility for some of the key accounts in the Middle East.

Having spent over 18 years in general and specialized HR roles in the Middle East, Europe, the UK, and the US, AGNI SKAFIDAS heads up the consultancy OLAM. Focusing on compensation and benefits, Ms Skafidas takes a practical and pragmatic approach and translates HR challenges into clear and easy language for HR teams, business leaders and employees.

Maximize Your Health Insurance Benefits
This workshop is focused on how you can maximize your company’s medical insurance benefits. A knowledgeable team of insurance and HR experts will discuss a variety of topics including:
- Understanding the recent updates to the health insurance market
- Creating a well-designed health insurance scheme
- Negotiating and switching benefits
- Analyzing your claims data
- Understanding insurance premiums and how you can influence them
- Controlling cost by changing behavior
- Communicating your health insurance and medical benefits with the highest efficiency.

TAMSIN THOMAS serves as Director of International Efforts at The College Board, working with K-12 schools and partners in the Middle East, North Africa and South and Central Asia to implement The College Board’s K-12 programs and initiatives. Ms Thomas most recently worked with the British Council’s international higher education program in the USA, and in international admissions for UK universities.,

The PSAT, AP and the Khan Academy: What is Changing at the College Board and How It Will Make a Difference for Your Students
Get an overview of the latest developments from the College Board including what’s new from the SAT Suite of Assessments, a look at the newest programs in the AP course offering and how the partnership with the Khan Academy is growing. We will take a closer look at some of the most recent data on how College Board programs are being used to develop college and career readiness skills in the Middle East and around the world.

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