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NESA Fall Leadership Conference 2019

Conference Evaluations

NESA Fall Leadership Conference

October 24-27, 2019 - Bangkok, Thailand

Your feedback is important!

We ask that you complete an evaluation for each workshop you attend. Please select from the list below. Your responses will be shared with the presenter, carefully read by NESA planners, and considered in the design future events.

NESA is a learning organization. Thank you for providing this important feedback to inform our journey.

Overall Conference Evaluation


Preconference Evaluations
Jeff Clanon | Systems Mapping for High Leverage Action
Rick Detwiler | Governance 101: Fundamentals of Trusteeship

DAY 1: Thursday, October 24 - Evaluations
Teresa Arpin | Our Nature of Being - Ontological distinctions that help us thrive in a complex and changing world
Ellie Drago-Severson | Tell Me So I Can Hear You - A Developmental Approach to Feedback
Ellen Mahoney | On the Go - How students learn to adapt, thrive and be well in an age of global hyper-mobility
Carolyn McKanders | Managing the Polarities of Holonomy - Embracing Divergence & Diversity
Peggy Woodard, Ryan Foreman & Joe Fonseca | Deciphering Victim Behavior and Combating the Overseas Sexual Exploitation of Children
James Tulley | Human Resources Professionals Strand
Hossam El Shaffei | Business Managers Strand

DAY 2: Friday, October 25 - Evaluations
Robert Kegan | Understanding (and Overcoming) Your Personal Immunity to Change
Joelle Basinight, Walter Basnight & Shira Daryn | Collective Teacher Efficacy - Charting the Course for Change
Jeff Clanon | The U Theory - Planning from the Emerging Future
Ron Lalonde | A Nudge in the Right Direction
Michael Nachbar & Jamie Steckart | Designing Optimal Learning Environments for Modern Learners - A Gap Analysis Workshop: From Theory to Practice
Ochan Powell | Choosing Optimism - Adaptive Leadership for Turbulent Times
The Diversity Collaborative | Interactive Workshop

DAY 3: Saturday, October 26 - Evaluations
Carolyn McKanders & Ochan Powell | An Invitation to the Circle of Light - Embracing diversity & unlocking the potential for individuals and communitities
Ellen Mahoney | Choosing the Path Forward - Adapting your school to meet the social emotional learning needs of your students
Ellie Drago-Severson | Teaming & Engaging in Difficult Conversations - The Promise of a Developmental Approach
David Gleason | Educational Time Travel
Jeff Clanon | Systems Concepts and Tools for Effective Adaptive Action
Larry McIlvain | Oliver's Journey - Inclusion and Gender Identity
Laurie Tasharski | Safer Hiring Practices - Your role as gatekeepers to climate

MULTI-DAY INSTITUTES: Please complete evaluations after the last session on Saturday.
David Chojnacki, Rick Detwiler & Teresa Arpin | Board Trustee Development Institute