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NESA Fall Leadership Conference 2019

Laurie Tasharski

Education Advisor & Facilitator

International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children

LAURIE TASHARSKI facilitates educator training and oversees all aspects of the ICMEC Education Portal including development, review, and creation of child protection resources for international schools and youth-serving organizations. Ms. Tasharski has lived and worked internationally for 26 years, primarily in training and education. Prior to her work in child protection, she facilitated professional development and taught in national, international, and British curriculum schools, receiving a Master of Education, First from Trinity College, Dublin.

As a contributing member of the International Task Force for Child Protection (ITFCP) she works closely with senior leaders across the international education and child protection fields and trains on a variety of child protection topics internationally.


Ms Tasharski has worked with regional education associations and schools in every region of the world. Her countries of residence include England, Poland, Japan, Ireland, India and Germany. She is currently based at ICMEC HQ in Washington, DC.

3-Hour Workshop

Safer Hiring Practices: Your role as gatekeepers to climate

Connect & Engage

Identify model recruitment and hiring practices as outlined by the International Task Force for Child Protection (ITFCP) new standards for accreditation. Discuss supporting resources available on the ICMEC Education Portal and challenges that exist for those in hiring positions. Share and evaluate interview and reference check questions. Review a case with a small group to determine possible legal and management responses to educator sexual misconduct.


Understand how supplemental policies and hiring procedures help prevent offender behavior and make it actionable when it occurs. Learn key steps to making your school unattractive to those seeking to harm children at the outset.

Reflect & Apply

Evaluate existing recruitment protocols and apply principles of values-based hiring. Identify questions for recruiting services and training needs of current staff. Ensure protocols and training are in place for identity, background and reference checks.


Participants will build awareness of offender prevalence and behavior, understanding of expectations around safer hiring and candidate screening, and knowledge of best practice for developing an ethos of prevention in their schools.

Target Audience:

Those with recruitment, interviewing, hiring, or HR responsibilities.

Continuum Levels:


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For your convenience, and to support our efforts in being "green", all handouts/files posted here have been notated with an A, B, C or D indicating the following:

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Updates to handouts may be made until shortly before the start of the conference.