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NESA Fall Leadership Conference 2019

Luke Meinen

Manager, Level 5 Bahrain

Riffa Views International School

LUKE MEINEN is the manager of LEVEL 5 Bahrain where he coordinates events, workshops and facilitates learning experiences. Over the past few years, he has explored the power of leveraging design thinking to help create human-centered solutions to a wide range of contexts. He has coordinated the design and build of the LEVEL 5 space with the Riffa Views International School community, worked to activate the education community in Bahrain through the organization of TeachMeets, collaborative groups and social gatherings for educators and leaders, and design authentic learning experiences for students, educators, and community members.


Prior to joining the LEVEL 5 team, Mr Meinen worked as an elementary educator for nine years in East Asia, Africa and the Middle East focusing on student engagement, and connecting learning to the real world. He enjoys fabrication, making, and rapid prototyping of new ideas in his free time which he often uses in his learning experiences to help students and educators get hands-on with design.

2-Day Institute

Level 5: The Power of Applied Design Thinking

Connect & Engage

Participants will connect with other educators and examine the various ways that design thinking can impact teaching and learning across PK-12 settings. They’ll explore a range of practical strategies to better empathize with end users, prototype new experiences and test ideas in meaningful ways. Most importantly, participants will work face-to-face with those they are designing for to ensure an authentic design experience that can be replicated on return to their own schools.


Participants will learn to think as solution designers by using a toolkit of readily accessible strategies. All scenarios will be based around common design problems faced in schools in relation to pedagogy, curriculum, learning spaces, school operations and much more. Ultimately, participants will realize that nearly any challenge in connection with school can be addressed through a systematic approach to design and a solid bias for action.

Reflect & Apply

After immersing themselves in the process, participants will reflect back on their experiences in order to find ways that design thinking applies to their own school or classroom. They’ll then develop action plans to implement the design thinking process upon return to their schools where they will share these openly for feedback and iteration.


Participants will:

• understand how design thinking can be leveraged in a myriad of context in classrooms and across schools;
• develop strategies for garnering empathy and understanding users;
• experience designing, rapid prototyping and iterating using a variety of creative tools (digital and physical);
• learn a systematic approach to solving challenges using solution focused, human-centered approach; and
• form collaborative relationships with like-minded professionals.

Target Audience:

Educators from Grades 3-12, coaches, and leaders interested in exploring design thinking.

Continuum Level:


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