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2022 Spring Heads Summit — Hydra, Greece

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The 2022 NESA Heads Summit took place at the Bratsera Hotel on the island of Hydra, Greece, April 27-28. A record 28 heads of NESA member schools participated in two days of reflection and connection facilitated by long-time NESA collaborator Teresa Arpin, President of Transformation Systems, and NESA's Executive Director, Maddy Hewitt. An optional program for the 16 spouses/partners/guests was offered focusing on personal connections and wellbeing.

This year’s Heads Summit was designed for reflecting, reconnecting and deepening relationships. Participants checked-in on their journey of the last two years and shared how they are dealing with the losses. They shared stories of resilience and how they are better and stronger as they look to the work of the future and explore opportunities ahead.

The program drew on the work of Brené Brown and her research on “whole-hearted living”. Heads were guided through a Polarity Management exercise to explore dilemmas and stay on the “upside” as they lead complex change.

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