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NESA Spring Educators Conference 2020

Counselors Preconference: Sean Truman & James Rosow

Offered with the support of the Office of Overseas Schools, U.S. Department of State

Sean Truman

Sean Truman

Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Truman Group

SEAN TRUMAN spent the majority of his childhood in Nairobi, Kenya, where his father worked for the United Nations and his mother was a teacher at the International School of Kenya. He attended college in the US and received a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Connecticut. He was a National Institute of Mental Health Fellow at the Yale University School of Medicine, where he worked both at the Child Study Center and in the Department of Psychiatry.

He is a Licensed Psychologist and runs a private practice where he sees individuals, adolescents and couples. In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Truman has worked as both a researcher and a professor of undergraduates and graduate students. In 2010 Dr. Truman co-founded the Truman Group, a practice that provides remote mental health consultation and care to expatriates living abroad.


Dr. Truman is an expert in international expatriate mental health. He has published in the area and is regularly sought out as a consultant in the international school community. He works frequently with school leadership and school counselors and is involved in clinical care, program and policy development in the communities in which he serves.

James Rosow

James Rosow

Director of Clinical Services, Truman Group

JAMES ROSOW is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the Director of Clinical Services at The Truman Group. He received his Ph.D. from Adelphi University and specializes in treating individuals, adults and couples in psychotherapy. He currently lives in Madrid where he has a private practice and teaches at a local university. Dr. Rosow’s previous clinical positions include Director of Clinical Training at the Brooklyn Children's Psychiatric Center and Assistant Director of the Proctor Academy Charter School.

In addition to his work treating patients, he has worked extensively as a clinical supervisor and has assisted organizations to function more effectively, both internally and in their direct service to their clients. Dr. Rosow has organized and run training sessions for clinicians, school administrators and business people all over the world.


Before becoming a psychologist, Dr. Rosow was the co-founder of Visions International, a program that provided outdoor education and community service opportunities to American teenagers in international locations throughout Europe and the Caribbean.

Preconference: Tuesday & Wednesday, March 31-April 1

Mental Health and School Community: Developing Practical Skills for Assessment and Intervention

Connect & Engage

The workshop requires participants to call on their experience working with students as we foster the development of more refined clinical skills, provide a model for collaboration with colleagues, and develop a clear model for best practices through consultation. This work is highly interactive and is based both on case examples provided by participants as well as guided application of theory and clinical techniques that can be used in a school setting.


Participants will engage learning in three domains. At the conclusion of the workshop they will be able to: 1. Accurately distinguish between clinical and non-clinical distress, learning, in effect, when to escalate interventions as well as when not to 2. Use consultation effectively through en vivo work and case presentations, learning a model they can use going forward in their work 3. Employ parallel process, learning clinical perspectives regarding self disclosure and talking about emotionally and relationally charged content while experiencing support from their colleagues

Reflect & Apply

Participants will be asked to be intentional and overt during the workshop, and to talk about their experience working in the school community as they learn to apply skills and use them in live demonstrations. The group will be encouraged to engage with each other as they learn to conceptualize their work in new and more sophisticated ways.




  • Accurately distinguish the difference between clinical and non-clinical distress.
  • Improved clinical skills in school based intervention.
  • Increased competency in effective consultation with peers.
  • Ability to identify available mental health resources.

NOTE: Workshops for counselors continue during SEC20 with a 4-day Extended Certificate Course (April 2-5) presented by Ron Lalonde: "Positive Education: The Science of Well-Being".

Target Audience:


Continuum Levels:

2, 3, 4, 5

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Sign Up/Cost

Please sign up via the Spring Educators Conference registration form. Registration will open in October, 2019.

Cost: Free for registered SEC delegates | Preconference only: US $300


Save paper and effort where possible!

For your convenience, and to support our efforts in being "green", all handouts/files posted here have been notated with an A, B, C or D indicating the following:

(A) hardcopies needed at workshop
(B) electronic version on laptop is sufficient (for viewing during the workshop)
(C) required reading PRIOR to the workshop
(D) file not needed for workshop itself, but simply material of additional interest/reference


Updates to handouts may be made until shortly before the start of the conference.