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NESA Spring Educators Conference 2020

Delegate Reflections from SEC19

The format was amazing! An opportunity to dive deeply into a topic over 3-4 days with the same facilitators and cohort has great value and increases the chances that individuals, practices, and organizations will be transformed.

I like the new design as it allows you to focus on one area.

I loved the Bangkok location! Having such an amazing city to explore at our leisure during our down time truly enhanced the experience. I loved it!

The shift to deeper dives is positive.

They were amazing. I walked away doing self-reflection on my teaching.

I like the variety of forums—plenary sessions, courses, teacher workshops where you can pull a variety of ideas from as well as opportunities to connect with as many participants as you can.

The certification courses were a particular strength and will lead to longer-lasting learning, and application on the micro and macro level. Hope this will continue!

The multi-day courses are very useful. The depth of understanding and likelihood of actually implementing the topic are increased.

It was well-balanced, provided choice, and will have an impact in my context. The opening panel and the keynotes were excellent!

The experience was enchanting and informative. Thank you for the hospitality and warm welcome.

The best experience ever for me personally.