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General Interest Workshops

Saturday, April 1, 4:45-5:45pm

JOSHUA CURNETT is a National Board Certified Teacher of English Language Arts and currently teaches High School English at Singapore American School. The former NCTE High School Teacher of Excellence for the State of Colorado (2008), Mr Curnett has led staff development courses in the US and internationally. He is a Professional Learning Communities Associate for Solution Tree.

Shifting From 'I' To 'We': Professional Learning Communities in International Schools
Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are the cornerstones of the belief that all students can learn at high levels. PLC work in international schools is necessary for and relevant to 21st Century Learning. This session will help both teachers and administrators understand how to shift a school culture from "I" to "We."

We will explore the following ideas:

  • What are the four questions for Professional Learning Communities?
  • What are characteristics of "I" cultures vs. "We" cultures in international schools?
  • What separates international educators from American educators?
  • What role does data play in helping all students learn at high levels?

NORA GRIFFITHS is the Head of School & Youth Programs at WE based in Toronto, Canada. She holds a M.Ed. in Leadership and Development Studies, of particular interest is her thesis “Preparing for the Unknown – Exploring the Effects of International Volunteer Onboarding”. Ms Griffiths has served in various leadership roles overseeing the client experience and program development of over 500 school-based service-learning programs, both inside and outside classrooms around the world.

Developing Global Citizens Inside and Outside the Classroom
At the core of developing global citizens and future change makers is education. In this workshop, explore the power of service-learning and experiential education on developing global citizens of today and future leaders of tomorrow, both through formal and non-formal educational opportunities inside and outside the classroom. This session will be experiential, discussion-based and offer tangible educational resources and takeaways.

WENDY GUTENKAUF Regional Manager, has been an IB English teacher, a librarian, and has worked for Follett for eleven years. She currently lives in Kathmandu with her husband.

AASYA MALIK, Senior Educational Consultant, has been a literacy coach, early childhood teacher and a librarian, who has used Follett products for years. Ms Malik serves customers in the UAE and Qatar.

MOEZ HAMAMI, Senior Educational Consultant, is also a Follett software trainer and assists customers in KSA, Oman, Iraq and Lebanon, where he lives with his family.

Choosing IB Resources: Markschemes and Beyond
One stop IB shopping! Follett is the exclusive provider of IBO materials. This workshop will demonstrate how teachers can select from Titlewave, our online resource database, and how our dedicated IB experts can recommend customized supplemental teaching materials for PYP, MYP and DP, specifically for your school and budget.

LAURA LIGHT has been working with International Schools Services, as Director - Educational Staffing, for the past ten years. A former international teacher, Ms Light has taught in Kuwait, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Singapore, London and at the UN school in Manhattan. She and her team organize recruiting events around the globe, and she represents ISS at various international conferences.

Women in Leadership
Statistics and observation show a dearth of females in senior leadership positions at international schools. Why is this the case? What can be done about it? Join us to see what needs to be done to promote more women in leadership positions and to: • Understand the scope and nature of the challenge • Explore obstacles to female leadership in international schools, and • Share tips and tactics for surmounting these obstacles.

MITOS URGEL has been the Executive Director of the WEAVE Foundation (Women’s Education for Advancement & Empowerment) since 2013. Supporting refugee women on the Thai-Burma border in education, health and income generation, WEAVE works to advance the status and rights of refugee women and children to live with dignity. Ms Urgel has an extensive background in Women’s Economic Empowerment, and Human Security and Sustainable Development. She serves on the Board of Directors of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) Asia.

UMAPORN POJORN is the Assistant Director of WEAVE Fair Trade Social Enterprise. She has worked with WEAVE for 11 years. Her parents are Karen from Burma, and she is passionate about alleviating human suffering and the poverty of displaced ethnic minorities through secured livelihoods.

SAENGRAWEE WONGYAI is the Assistant Director of the WEAVE Foundation. She studied social Development at Chiang Mai Rajaphat University, Thailand. Her involvement in human security, community development and women’s empowerment began in 2009. As a Zhan ethnic minority from northern Thailand, Ms Wongyai is committed to supporting marginalized people.

Refugee Women’s Economic Empowerment through Fair Trade
Learn how conflict and displacement have affected the lives of ethnic Burmese women and children and how a local NGO - WEAVE (Women’s Education for Advancement & Empowerment) - supports and strengthens development efforts of women’s organizations along the Thai-Burma border. WEAVE empowers women to become self-reliant, enabling them to actively participate in their family and community life. Be sure to visit WEAVE’s table in the exhibition to purchase lovely handwoven items!


TARA WAUDBY is the Assistant Superintendent for Learning at the International Schools Group (ISG) in Saudi Arabia.

MEEKA WHITE is the Director of Learning at the American International School - Riyadh. She and Ms Waudby will co-facilitate the panel discussion with select current NESA Region Instructional/Learning Coaches.

Instructional Coaches Panel Discussion
The panel discussion will allow school leaders and instructional coaches to hear from other NESA coaches. The panelists will share triumphs and challenges, how their coaching roles have evolved, advice for prospective coaches, how they determine success criteria, and how administrators shape and support their work. Questions and connections with the NESA Coaches Collaborative will be also be provided. Session is open to all.

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