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Venue: Riffa Views International School, Bahrain

John Burns

Director of Creativity & Innovation at International Schools Services.
Twitter: @j0hnburns

Full Bio

JOHN BURNS is the Director of Creativity & Innovation at International Schools Services where he works with school leaders and educators to transform their practice.

He has previously held positions with Apple, Shekou International School and the Queensland government and has a passion for change leadership, contemporary learning and designing collaborative spaces.

Institute Description

Digital Pedagogy Masterclass

It's an exciting time to be involved in teaching and learning. Innovative schooling models and programs are sparking everywhere, and the lines between home, school, community and industry are blurring.

We're seeing universities creating new admissions pathways, employers ditching degree and score requirements, and learners bypassing further education to implement their own entrepreneurial initiatives.

So how do we best prepare our students to excel in such a dynamic landscape? This two-day masterclass will equip educators with an understanding of contemporary teaching and learning practices that best meet the needs of our learners.


Participants will explore:

  • The compelling case for change in schools.
  • Research informed learning theories (such as constructionism and connectivism).
  • Practical contemporary pedagogies that leverage the integral use of technology.
  • Agile space design.

Target Audience

PK-12 Educators

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