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NESA Affiliate School Status

For over 50 years NESA has been serving schools by facilitating sustainable and systemic school improvement based on the best practices of American and international education, with the goal of maximizing student learning.

NESA Affiliate School Status is intended to support schools working towards accreditation by offering a core selection of NESA Member benefits. To support you on your journey this year, we are pleased to be able to offer our Affiliate Schools the same reduction on rates for NESA programs and events as those enjoyed by full Member Schools.

NESA Affiliate School Status is open to any school that supports NESA's mission and vision, shares NESA's core values, and wishes to participate in NESA's conferences and institutes. A school may upgrade to full NESA Member School status at any time upon receiving accreditation from a NESA-recognized accreditation agency and meeting the other NESA Member School criteria.

Join a collaborative learning community of like-minded education professionals.

Learn from and engage with speakers and trainers at the cutting-edge of education.

Nurture adult learning through diverse support systems and programs.

NESA Affiliate School Benefits

Enjoy the following as a school with NESA Affiliate status:

Access Top-Tier Professional Learning

Experience a curated adult learning program that addresses the needs of all leaders and educators in your school, and learn from carefully selected speakers and trainers at the cutting edge of education.

Leverage the NESA Directory

Connect with the NESA community and share information about your school through your listing in the new NESA Membership Directory.

Access the New NESA Member Hub

Manage your NESA directory listing, subscriptions, billing, and event registrations from the new NESA Member Hub.

Register at Special Reduced Rates

Enjoy the same reduction on registration fees for NESA events and offerings as NESA full Member Schools (a 25% discount).

Connect & Engage With an Exceptional Community

NESA's education professionals are known for their spirit of sharing, and are brought together by NESA's diverse professional development support systems, partnerships, and programs.

Contribute to NESA NEWS

Share news and announcements about your school by contributing articles to the online NESA News.

Be Recognized

Receive an Affiliate Certificate as well as materials to help you share your status with NESA.

Your Logo Proudly Featured by NESA

Your school will be proudly listed on the Our Schools page of the NESA website.

Sponsor & Advertise with NESA

Receive reduced rates for available advertising opportunities and special consideration for sponsorship of the NESA Online Leadership Event and Educators Learning Event, including the design of custom packages tailored to your needs in consultation with NESA.

Affiliate School Dues 2022-2023

The year runs from July 1 to June 30.


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