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FTI 2018-Amman Photo Gallery

NESA's 17th annual Fall Training Institute took place at the American Community School, Amman, Jordan, November 2-3, 2018. Continuing NESA's commitment to 'communities of practice', five of the eight two-day institutes were planned in coordination with a NESA Collaborative.

  • Guiding Language Learners to Grow & Show Their Proficiency - PAUL SANDROCK
    (in collaboration with the NESA World Languages Collaborative)
  • Sketchnoting in the Classroom - SYLVIA DUCKWORTH
  • Cultures of Thinking: Developing Critical Thinking Dispositions within a Standards-Based Environment - MARK CHURCH
  • Service Learning - Compass Education Level 1: Practitioners Certification Workshop - TOM McLEAN
    (in collaboration with the NESA Service Learning Collaborative)
  • Designing Engaging Assessments in the Arts- DENNIS INHULSEN
    (in collaboration with the NESA Performing & Visual Arts Collaborative)
  • Media Literacy: Copyright Clarity - RENEE HOBBS
    (in collaboration with the NESA Librarians Collaborative)
  • Building Student Involvement in a Standards-Based Learning System - MICHELLE KUHNS
  • Supporting Science Students in Three-Dimensional Learning - CHRISTOPHER ZIEMINSKI
    (in collaboration with the NESA Science Collaborative)

During the opening plenary, ACS Superintendent Larry McIlvain and NESA Executive Director Maddy Hewitt welcomed delegates and introduced FTI speakers. This year we are celebrating 50 years of NESA, and to mark this milestone, two videos were shown of students and educators in NESA schools singing "Happy Birthday" to NESA.

NESA educators from around the region attended this in-depth training event. NESA thanks Superintendent McIlvain and his incredible faculty and staff for their support, planning, and on-the-ground organization that made the FTI such a valuable professional learning experience.

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