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Introducing the NESA Networked Learning Series
Introducing the NESA Networked Learning Series

Introducing the NESA Networked Learning Series
A networked community of practice, powered by the Global Online Academy

We are delighted to share our latest professional offering, launching March 2019: the NESA Networked Learning Series, powered by the Global Online Academy (GOA). This series will provide a novel opportunity to learn from an expert within an online space, along with a networked community of dynamic coaches and educators.

We're extending learning beyond the conference by leveraging online environments: harnessing the power of in-person events, then continuing connections across distances—all while maintaining a high-touch coaching model. Each cycle of the series consists of a 6-week inquiry conducted through online and in-person collaborative learning. This model allows participants to practice in their settings, to share and reflect, and to see the impact of their newly acquired skills on student learning. Places are limited, so please register early through the Spring Educators Conference to secure your spot in the first cycle.

Cycle 1: Coaching and Coachability

The inaugural cycle, designed by expert Steve Barkley in conjunction with the NESA Coaches Collaborative, focuses on Coaching and Coachability. It begins on March 13 in an online space, followed by a 3-day in-person learning experience at NESA's Spring Educators Conference (March 29-31), then continues with online practice and feedback until April 30. Learn new concepts, apply them to your work, and get direct input from a coach and fellow participants. Earn a NESA Certificate in Coachability upon completion of the cycle. For further details on the cycle, please see the NESA website.

This cycle recognizes the role that coaching plays in elevating educators' skill sets to increase student success. Just as students need opportunities to study excellence, engage in critique, and have multiple revisions to create beautiful work, so too do teachers need opportunities to produce beautiful teaching that leads to beautiful student work. Peer coaching (teachers coaching teachers), instructional coaching, and coaching from administrators all provide these opportunities. By building our personal and team coachability, we model a great growth mindset for our students.


Why the NESA Networked Learning Series?

Our members have long expressed the high value they place on opportunities to work with and learn from one another, but due to the dispersed geography of the NESA community, providing this type of experience has been a challenge. However, with the help of GOA and this unique model—learning before, during and after a NESA event—we can leverage the power of community and co-learning.

We have enormous capacity in our NESA region schools, and by gathering our coaches, teachers and leaders into a networked community of practice, we harness this expertise and improve our ability to make an impact on student learning.

We look forward to exploring this new and exciting educational space with all our members!

WATCH: Madeleine Hewitt, Executive Director of NESA, Steve Barkley, coaching expert and mentor for the first cycle, Micheal Nachbar, Executive Director of the Global Online Academy, and Bridget Doogan, Director of Professional Learning at NESA, discuss the power of the NESA Networked Learning Series.