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A message from Interim Head of School KARIM ABU HAYDAR
September 4, 2020

It has been one month after the explosion at Port Beirut that devastated our country, our city, our school and our community. Our community has suffered the loss of life, homes have been ravaged and hearts have been broken. On behalf of the ACS community, I would like to thank you for sending heart-warming messages after the catastrophic explosion that hit our city on August 4th. These messages provide a sense of connectedness and reassure us that we are not alone.

Our community asks for your support. ACS has been through a very tough year navigating an economic depression, banking crisis, political upheaval, the COVID-19 pandemic, and now the aftermath of a massive explosion. You may be aware that we closed our campus and shifted to teaching online back in October in response to nationwide demonstrations and the threat of civil unrest.

We still face the challenge of a complete financial meltdown that resulted in an 80 percent loss in the value of the Lebanese Pound. The banking sector has restricted movement of funds between all bank accounts in Lebanon, paralyzing every depositor's ability to transfer money outside of Lebanon. By the time the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to close our campus in early March, our students, teachers and community had already been through five months of instability, distance learning, and political unrest.


Today, ACS is facing the additional challenge of making sure our campus is ready and safe to welcome our students back next month after the massive explosion wreaked havoc on our city as well as our classrooms and campus.

We are a resilient community and committed to rebuilding our city and repairing our school. We are working tirelessly to prepare our school to welcome our students and will continue to serve as a symbol of hope for our faculty and staff.

However, we are financially drained and are reaching out to you for support. We ask you to consider donating to the school via the ACS Relief Fund that we will use to fix the damage to the school.

We are committed to our school and its mission and will do all it takes to open our doors for the students this fall. ACS is 115 years old and has lived the history of Lebanon, surviving a famine, two world wars, and a civil war - we intend to survive this. We know that our school, like Beirut, will come out of this crisis stronger, and we thank you for standing by us to do that.

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