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Project Exploration 3.0

By Bob Garmston and Carolyn McKanders

Longtime NESA Presenters and Thought Partners

This handbook grew out of survey feedback from over 400 teachers and teacher leaders both in the U.S. and international schools who facilitate meetings with their peers and the unique challenges they encounter. The book’s content is Bob and Carolyn’s response.

On the first page is a quotation from Department Chair Timothy Coble at The American School of Doha, Qatar!

Bob and Carolyn will be providing two-day face to face workshops and also webinars based on the book, which is available as a hard copy and an ebook at

The NESA Community has integrated the Adaptive Schools, Cognitive Coaching and Polarity work into their identities and systems. This new resource and workshops support continuing to build capacity, efficacy, consciousness, collaborative mindsets and practices in schools for these complex times.