Child Protection Update 2:
Child protection in the time of COVID response

In support of our schools, NESA is publishing the following update from the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, dated April 8, 2020. Go to Update #1, March 10

Dear regional and global partners,

You're all aware that this is a time of significantly escalated risk to children in the home and online. Some guidance being shared in person and in webinars might be uneven or not include globally accepted best practice for child protection.

Advice to share:

Schools should consider adding an addendum to current policies under COVID. See a sample policy here. Those without policies should put a basic one in place that covers communication and online code of conduct and acceptable use. Response to allegations and safety planning should be planned and in place. Support for this is available at

Please ensure your community knows there are ways to support vulnerable children whether previously or newly identified. Global guidance related to risk assessment and vulnerable student check-ins support and reporting is available on our COVID page. If you have regionally specific pages to share please let us know and we will include them. Local knowledge is important at this time.

You can always locate important new resources in Resource Spotlight at

Resources to Share:

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Finally, we are posting webinars related to child protection during the response. You will find them in multiple languages on our Regional Safeguarding Events page. If your organization is planning a webinar related to child protection with any expert, please let us know and we will publicize it. Again, please share your regional response page links.

Thank you for all you are doing so selflessly during this challenging time. Please know that the ICRT International Centre Response Team is functioning, and any case questions can be referred anonymously. 

Many thanks in advance for your support and amplification of this message. We welcome your feedback and shared resources. If you have received this via forwarding and would like to be on the distribution for future CP updates, please send your request to

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