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Andrew and Rose (front) with NESA Board members in Hydra, Greece, April 2022.

NESA Finis Engleman Award 2022-2023

The Finis Engleman Award, NESA's highest honor, was presented at the October Fall Leadership Conference to Rose Puffer, NESA Board President and Superintendent of the International School of Islamabad, and Andrew Hoover, former NESA Board Vice President and Director of AIS Chennai, and current EARCOS Regional Education Officer at the U.S. State Department’s Office of Overseas Schools. Together, they led NESA with a stable, committed and reflective stance – so crucial during the pandemic – balanced with a future focus.

Dr Finis Engleman was an outstanding educator of international stature and the moving force behind the birth of NESA. The NESA Board of Directors established this award to be bestowed from time to time on an individual or group that has provided outstanding and sustained service to the NESA region and beyond.

NESA Board members Roxanne Giampapa (Pinewood AIS Thessaloniki) and Larry McIlvain (ACS Amman) presented Rose with the award during an FLC plenary session at the InterContinental Hotel in Abu Dhabi, while Andrew joined virtually from Washington, DC.

Both Rose and Andrew believed the other would be honored with the Finis Engleman Award; neither knew that they themselves had been nominated. In secret sessions, the other NESA Trustees chose to bestow the award on both for their outstanding leadership. The Board made the announcement to them at the April, 2022, Board meeting in Athens.

Andrew Hoover

Larry McIlvain honored Andrew with the following tribute:

Andrew joined the NESA Board in 2015. During his seven years on the Board, he served as:

  • Trustee at Large (3 years)
  • Vice President (4 years), with one of those years concurrently serving as Treasurer.
  • Covid Taskforce Chair, advising on the organization's response efforts while paying careful attention to strategic positioning.
  • Nominating Committee Chair (2 years), devoting efforts toward selecting outstanding Board members in service of the NESA Family of Schools.

When considering Andrew's leadership, words that come to mind include: professional, steady, relational, intelligent, strategic. As our President Rose Puffer commented:

In these challenging years, Andrew Hoover provided unwavering support to me as Board President and to Maddy Hewitt, Executive Director … He frequently doubled up on duties as a board member to ensure continuity. His service to NESA has been extraordinary.

Rose Puffer

Roxanne Giampapa honored Rose with the following tribute:

Rose Puffer joined the NESA Board in 2008. During her 14 years on the Board, she served as:

  • Trustee at Large 
  • Secretary, Vice President
  • President - overseeing all committees including the Nominating Committee, Finance Committee and Covid Taskforce. 

When considering Rose's leadership, words that come to mind include: professional, balanced, wise, dedicated. As former Board President Kevin Schafer commented:

Beyond the exceptional leadership and service she has contributed to our region, she is seen around the world as a thought leader and has volunteered her services to partner agencies such as Middle States, ISS (for recruiting and the Women’s Symposium), and IB, among others. Most importantly, she is student-centered and cares passionately for them as well as her colleagues and community. She has made her mark on the world of international education, and she is a legacy in the NESA organization.

Andrew and Rose together form a shining example of “Collaborative Learning Leaders.”


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