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Global Child Protection Webinar Series for Medical Professionals & Response Teams

Two no-cost webinar opportunities offered by the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children and ECIS. Sponsored by the Office of Overseas Schools, U.S. Department of State

The frequency and severity of physical and sexual abuse and neglect during the COVID response is rising across the world. Schools are likely to be the first to identify and respond. This two-webinar series addresses the role of medical professionals and the ethical considerations they and school-based response teams navigate in abuse cases.

What is the ROLE OF SCHOOL NURSES in preventing and responding to child abuse and neglect?

26 October, 2020 | 13:00 UK (60min)
Presented by Dr. Jordan Greenbaum, ICMEC


Healthcare professionals and their supervisors will learn from a child abuse physician about medical myths and realities, signs and indicators of abuse, and how to frame a child-centered, trauma-informed approach. Topics will include questioning, procedures, and documentation of evidence. Note: the question and answer period will not be recorded.

Intended Audience: Medical professionals, their supervisors, and child protection designates/deputies.

Objectives: Learn characteristics of intentional injuries, what lab work to request for sexual assault and victim-centered examination approaches · Understand how documentation may be used as evidence and the time limitations of evidence collection · Practice question formation for survivors, offending and non-offending caregivers and external medical providers · Take a case scenario approach to navigating cultural taboos and traditional practices.


Supporting Ethical School Response in Child Protection

9 November, 2020 | 13:00 UK (90mins with breakout rooms by region and language)
Presented by ICMEC Regional Panel

Understand response team member roles and how to advocate for children with colleagues, parents/caregivers, and external partners. Ethical dilemmas related to cultural traditions and expectations, child agency and medical practice will be explored. This webinar will be focused on participant interaction and discussion. Breakout rooms will be moderated by your regional trainer and in additional languages (Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin are available, if needed). Note: breakout room discussions will not be recorded.

Intended Audience: Medical professionals, their supervisors, child protection designates and response team members.

Objectives: Identify ethical dilemmas related to child agency, duty of care, and cultural norms · Discuss challenges with internal and external partners such as caregivers or local authorities who take a different view of the best interests of the child · Explore how teams can support justice and ethical principles of care even when fulfilling mandatory reporting obligations could result in further risk or abuse.

The recordings of both sessions will be made available for participating regions and on the ICMEC site. Please direct questions to Laurie Tasharski, Director, ICMEC Global Educator Centre for Excellence:, or Kam Chohan, ECIS Interim CEO:

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