Near East South Asia - Council of Overseas Schools

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are proud to announce the recipients of the
Stanley Haas/Luke Hansen Student Award for 2020-2021.


In the spirit of Dr Stanley Haas, the late executive director of NESA, and of Luke Hansen, a remarkable NESA school student who died in an accident, this award recognizes middle school students (Grades 6-8) at NESA member schools who model the character traits we value most in our students: consistency, persistence, a willingness to take risks, acceptance of other cultures/points of view and a genuine interest in and commitment to the welfare of others. The award is not meant to recognize academic, athletic or artistic talent or achievement, though nominees may well excel in one or more of these areas.

Applications were received from an outstanding pool of candidates from the NESA region. After much deliberation, the NESA Selection Committee chose to recognize four students who embody the spirit of helping others that the Stanley Haas/Luke Hansen Student Award has come to represent. Each of these students has been awarded a grant of $1,000.

Thank you to TieCare International for its continuing support of the Stanley Haas/Luke Hansen Student Award, and to the NESA Selection Committee for its work.

Congratulations to these outstanding students!



A Note About Aila Toivonen...

Aila and her best friend and fellow Girl Scout, Kari, made and sold masks to raise money in order to buy needed items for the local PAWS animal shelter in Doha. After winning the Haas/Hansen Student Award, Aila (with Kari) made a new batch of cat and dog beds, catnip toys and animal-themed masks for staff and veterinarians at the shelter. She has donated the funds from the Haas/Hansen Award to PAWS.


The Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools (NESA) manages the application process and annual funds disbursement for the Stanley Haas/Luke Hansen Student Award in partnership with TieCare International, and in accordance with all requirements as outlined in the application. The Haas/Hansen itself is fiscally supported by TieCare, with the number and size of annual scholarships determined by TieCare.