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Levels of Effective Professional Learning

By BRILLIANA RAWLINS, Manager of International Endeavors for Schools
Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes

Effective professional development is intensive, ongoing, and connected to practice; focuses on the teaching and learning of specific academic content; is connected to other school initiatives; and builds strong working relationships among teachers.

– Linda Darling-Hammond & Ruth Chung Wei, 2009

The founders of Lindamood-Bell have pioneered evidence-based programs that develop the sensory-cognitive functions underlying reading, spelling, language comprehension, math, memory, and critical thinking. With 50 learning centers worldwide, we provide individualized instruction to students in person, or via live, online instruction.

Additionally, Lindamood-Bell for Schools offers Levels of Professional Learning to deepen your understanding of the programs and guide implementation with fidelity for increased student achievement. To date, educators from over 65 countries have participated in our professional learning. Lindamood-Bell for Schools is pleased to be a NESA Affiliate Organization for the 2020-2021 school year.

From initial online workshops and on-demand refinement courses to live in-classroom support and advanced instructional leadership development, our services align with universally accepted best practices for professional learning. Now more than ever, investing in quality professional learning can reverse the literacy deficits exacerbated by recent events.

Levels of Professional Learning:

Incorporates Active Learning

Level 1: All Lindamood-Bell for Schools introductory workshops are highly interactive—presented live and online to maximize program step modeling, with student videos and opportunities for hands-on practice activities. Sustainability: Year-long access to self-paced review courses for each program step.

Collaboration Opportunities

Level 2: Following the initial workshop, year-long membership in our online professional learning community, the Imagery-Language Connection, provides access to ongoing forums and live monthly webinars, connecting educators around the globe. Sustainability: Year-long access to on-demand, online courses to refine instructional delivery, pacing, and lesson planning.

Coaching and Expert Support

Level 3: In our Coaching and Instructional Planning partnerships, professional learning is brought right into the classroom. Delivered online, through a continuous cycle of modeling, feedback, and support, our live coaching sessions assist teachers to become proficient in their instructional craft, and monthly team meetings are offered to address school-specific topics and share best practices. Sustainability: Half or full-year partnerships allow for ongoing support proven to improve student outcomes.

Level 4: Our comprehensive partnerships provide access to yearlong, self-paced courses, and extensive coaching support. Professional development focuses on refining program delivery and pacing, developing instructional leadership across all tiers of an MTSS framework, and increasing student achievement with an emphasis on Tier 3 instruction. Sustainability: Full-year partnerships allow for ongoing support that’s been proven to improve student outcomes, while also building school capacity for teacher effectiveness, instructional leadership, and overall MTSS processes.

Want free resources right now to improve learning? Explore our continuously updated Toolkit for Educators full of videos, articles, blogs, and downloadable resources.

Many wishes for a safe and instructionally strong school year!