NESA Center Staff in Athens, Greece, Dec. 2019: (l-r) Thomais Diassakou, Jill Kalamaris, Maria Boutzarelou, Laura Canellopoulou, Maddy Hewitt, Aristea Evangelou (retired), Ranya Karafilly. (Not pictured: Bridget Doogan)

A message from the NESA Center


Dear NESA Friends,

The NESA community is in unprecedented times to be sure, yet we have faced challenges before, and we will face them again. It is heartening to note that in the wake of the current health crisis, our community remains as professionally generous, responsive and caring as ever. We are sharing, we are pitching in, we are reaching out, we are finding new routines—we are learning

Together, we help stem the cases. Our community helps each other endure the challenge. We devote our actions to health and wellness, our top priorities, always. Together we learn our way forward.

Thank you for your care and your resilience as we all navigate through this together—the NESA way.


Maddy and NESA Center Team