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NESA Virtual School Fall Meetings

The NVS Project will conduct its 20th annual meetings online this year

(By invitation only)

The NESA Virtual School (NVS) Project is in its 20th year of helping schools approach emergency continuity of operations in a comprehensive and proactive manner. It paved the way for the creation of the World Virtual School (WVS) Project in 2007 which now has a membership of well over 100 schools in all eight of the international school regions.

The COVID pandemic has put into focus for virtually every school on the planet what the NVS Project has been emphasizing for years — that online continuity is a complex task which involves all stakeholders and requires institutional commitment, planning, and coordination.

This year, as part of the WVS overall approach, the focus of the NVS annual meetings will be two-fold:

  1. a structured investigation of successes and challenges in adapting to pandemic circumstances; and

  2. working towards a viable proposal for school accreditation standards to include a standard or standards to assure school readiness and capacity for short- and long-term emergency continuity of operations. Such standards would truly actualize the NVS and WVS Projects' missions for the greater international schools community.  

Participating NVS schools will be contacted with details about the meetings.

For more information about NVS or WVS, contact Ken Paynter, WVS Project Facilitator & NVS Project Manager: