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NESA Virtual Science and Engineering Fair 2019-2020 Winners

By DR STUART FLEISCHER, Middle School Science Coordinator, Walworth Barbour AIS in Israel
NESA Virtual Science and Engineering Fair Project Director (NVSEF)
The GAIA Project Director (Global Awareness, Investigation and Action)

First Place Middle School WBAIS Team #41: (l-r) Solomon Iro, Ilan Elfin, Shelly Roth and Ms. Mandy Kern.

The final results have been tallied and the winning teams have been announced for the NESA Virtual Science and Engineering Fair (NVSEF). This year, The Walworth Barbour American International School in Israel took both first-place awards for the middle school and Fifth Grade NVSEF competitions. Only AIS Chennai in 2013 took both trophies home in the same year. This year’s NVSEF had over 500 teams representing approximately 1,200 students from NESA, CEESA and EARCOS.

This is the fourth time WBAIS Middle School and the third time the Grade Five teams have won the coveted Champion’s League Title in Science and Engineering. Congratulations to Mandy Kern (Middle School NVSEF Coordinator) and Lesly Geyer (Grade 5 NVSEF Coordinator) for the outstanding leadership in guiding their science students.

The competition among second round teams was very close with 65 Middle School teams and 12 Grade Five teams competing for the chance to advance to the final round. Science teachers, university professors, scientists and engineers reviewed these science and engineering teams as they assessed research reports, digital science fair sites and questions related to scientific habits of mind.

NVSEF Middle School Project Results:
  • 1st Place: Walworth Barbour American International School, Tel Aviv, Israel - Team #41 
  • 2nd Place: American International School-Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Team #23 
  • 3rd Place: Dostyk American International School, Kazakhstan - Team #02 
  • 3rd Place:  Dostyk American International School, Kazakhstan - Team #03 
NVSEF Grade 5 Project Results:
  • 1st Place:  Walworth Barbour American International School, Tel Aviv, Israel - Team #7
  • 2nd Place:  International School of Islamabad, Pakistan – Team #4
  • 3rd Place:  Walworth Barbour American International School, Tel Aviv, Israel - Team #2

NESA and the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Overseas Schools, with Dr. Bea Cameron as our project supervisor, sponsor the NVSEF. Since 2004, more than 20,000 students in NESA and other international schools have participated in NVSEF and NVSEF Grade 5 Fairs.

First Place Grade 5 WBAIS Team #7: (l-r) Front row: Mikhael Varlamov, Wonwoo Choi, Jacob Darish; back row: Mr. Howard Bartlett III and Ms. Lesly Geyer.

What do our university researchers say about the NVSEF?

The Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards are based on the premise that understanding is more than just knowing "things”. Students must be able to use their knowledge in authentic ways. NVSEF and NVSEF5 are built around NGSS's Science and Engineering Practices and require students to put their science knowledge to use through a novel science investigation or to use engineering design to solve a problem.

—    Dr. Eric Brunsell, Associate Dean, College of Education and Human Services, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, and past NSTA Executive Board Member.

The NVSEF promotes a collaborative, interactive online community that supplements and enhances the daily face-to-face interactions between science teachers and students in the middle school classroom. A primary goal of the NVSEF is to expand students' knowledge of science and transform their science habits of mind, i.e., learning how to think like a scientist, as well as provide a motivation for students to commit themselves to their research project and expand their options for potential career paths in science. The NVSEF fosters deeper learning and critical thinking in a collaborative, higher order inquiry format that can increase student achievement.

—    Professor Mark Spaid, College of Teacher Education and Social Work, Middle Georgia State University, and Co-Founder of the NVSEF.

For more information on how to join the 2019-20 NVSEF/NVSEF5 Projects, please contact Dr. Stuart Fleischer: