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The Power of Bread

This new children's book, written by former Cairo American College teacher Twylla Alexander, celebrates peace, connection, and diversity via our most universal food: bread.

Khalil is Palestinian; Leah is Israeli. Now second-grade classmates in Cairo, Egypt, they call each other "enemy". As the class prepares for its Breads of the World Festival, a mysterious power is at work in Khalil and Leah's lives — a power as simple as bread, yet as complex as peace.

Twylla Alexander and her husband, Drew, have worked in schools on four continents, including Africa (Cairo American College, Egypt - a NESA member), where The Power of Bread takes place. They currently divide their time between Arkansas and Maine, but are always on the lookout for another adventure. Wherever she goes, Twylla searches for labyrinths, like in her other book, Labyrinth Journeys ~ 50 States, 51 Stories. Walking their paths brings her peace.