Share Your Dreams


NESA Executive Director Maddy Hewitt reads aloud Share Your Dreams, a story she wrote for the students in NESA schools who are learning remotely. She was inspired by a poem co-created by Grade Two students at the American International School Chennai, India, in response to the global pandemic.

Ms. Maddy invites all NESA school students to POST DRAWINGS, STORIES, and POEMS.
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Share your stories - Share your dreams!


This poem by AIS Chennai students inspired Ms. Maddy's story.

Share Your Dreams

The children were sad with their schools all closed up
They wanted their friends and their books and their teachers
They wanted their time in the gym with the bleachers
They wanted their lunch, and their Music and Art Room
They wanted so much, and they shared this…on ZOOM.

The teacher was able to ask them some questions
What are you missing? What kind of lessons?
And they all drew much closer to look at the screen
And each child was ready to think and to dream.

We dream of the time we can be with our friends
We dream we can sing in a circle again
We dream we can play on the playground together
We dream that the VIRUS will leave like bad weather!

We like to line up as we walk down the hall
We like the good stories you read to us all
We like to discover and think about things
Like feet on our turtles, and turtles with wings!

Then one little voice came, though no face was seen
“Love, love your parents and tell them your dreams”
That was the voice that came out of the screen
The voice of a child who would not be seen.

“Love, love your parents and tell them your dreams!”

The children grew quiet: Who is it? Who’s there?
To tell them new things that they wanted to hear?
Again, the voice came…with no eyes to be seen
“Open them your BIG Heart
And tell them your dreams!”

The children, they listened
And then asked some questions
Who are you? Where are you?
Is this our ZOOM lesson?

The voice came again
“I am Yuchin; I’m here”
The girl said her name
Though she did not appear.

The children all smiled
They knew who she was
Yuchin had spoken
She’d spoken for once!

And they said: “Speak again
Yuchin, tell us your dreams!”
And then Yuchin put her picture
Right up on the screen.

The drawing was special
Their dreams were on paper
The Music and Art Rooms
The friends and the teachers
Yuchin had drawn beautifully
Even the Bleachers.

These were her dreams
That she shared with her friends
And they all started clapping
And cheering again.

And then a surprise…
When they looked at the screen
Yuchin’s smiling face
Was there to be seen.



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