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Spring 2018 | Volume 20 | Number 3
Table of Contents-Spring Issue

Boost Staff Wellness, Morale & Retention - Start a TTT Program!

By Laura MacDonald, Health Education
The American International School of Muscat, Oman

Want to start a self-sustaining program at your school that will instantly increase staff wellness through social connections, learning new things, and having fun? Why not start a Teachers Teaching Teachers (TTT) program?

What is TTT? At The American International School of Muscat (TAISM), staff members offer to lead courses or organize activities for other staff members, and receive a small stipend to do so. The courses meet at regularly scheduled times, usually once a week. Courses currently being led by TAISM staff include:

Mindful Mondays
Book club
Pick up soccer
Ultimate Frisbee
Running club
Pocket foods
Sunrise Strength Training
Photography Club
Card game night
Music Night
Pick-up basketball
Rock Climbing

Our TTT program fosters inclusion and connectedness when welcoming new staff each year. We also continue to see increased staff well-being, strong relationships across the school, high morale, and a high level of staff retention. TTTs help us to feel connected, we learn new things, and we have FUN together.

Our TAISM administration strongly supports the wellness of our staff. One way they show support is to provide a stipend for course leaders, as a small incentive to thank them for their commitment and effort. Offering a stipend also helps to keep the program running consistently and reliably, as instructors are less likely to postpone their session if something else comes up.

Want to see TTTs in action? Check out this video, filmed over the course of one week.

If you are inspired to try this at your school and would like some more information to help you get started, please contact Laura MacDonald, Health Education Teacher, Wellness Team member & TTT enthusiast at, or Jesse Gibney, TAISM TTT coordinator at