Near East South Asia - Council of Overseas Schools

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Mission, Vision & Beliefs

NESA is dedicated to educator professional growth to improve student learning. We deliver on this mission via intertwined systems of care and quality programming, focusing not only on ideas and knowledge, but also on nurturing and relationships that allow for transformational learning and system impact — all in service of improved student learning.

Our Vision

NESA will create dynamic, collaborative professional relationships that transcend current barriers and boundaries in order to maximize student learning in member schools.

Our Mission

To maximize student learning, NESA serves member schools by facilitating sustainable and systemic school improvement based on the best practices of American and international education.

Our Beliefs

NESA, a community of schools, strives to create a sense of belonging and identity, diminish feelings of professional isolation and foster a culture of mutual support and professional engagement.

We believe:

    • individuals and organizations thrive only through continuous, transformative learning;
    • diversity strengthens us, enriches us, and prepares us for an increasingly complex world;
    • respect, integrity and trust are essential to create and sustain learning communities.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our success.