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The Wider Circle is an extension of NESA’s Professional Development Advisory Committee (PDAC). Each member serves the NESA Center Staff and the PDAC by acting as the chief point of contact between the PDAC and their member school in matters pertaining to professional development.

The Wider Circle consists of one representative from each NESA full member school who is appointed annually by that school’s chief administrator to be the primary liaison between the school, and the NESA Center Staff and PDAC. The Wider Circle member's role includes assisting in the teacher workshop selection process for teacher workshops nominated for inclusion in the Educators Learning Event, and promoting NESA professional learning programs and projects at their school.

The group works in a spirit of collegiality, active collaboration and mutual respect.

For more information, contact NESA Executive Director Maddy Hewitt:

Members of NESA's Wider Circle during their monthly Live Forum meeting with NESA Executive Director Maddy Hewitt, discussing how NESA's program for next year can best meet their schools' needs.